Saturday, November 12, 2011

Clutter Snob

I joke a bit that I'm a "wanna be" snob! I joke because to me a "snob" is defined by someone with quite discerning taste, and I'd like to think I have discerning taste! But true snobs have discerning taste and judge others by their own standards. I first used this term when I was bordering on being a food snob, almost becoming consumed by "organic", "local", "seasonal", "grass fed", and exclusively homemade foods and meals. I've since lightened up enormously when I started to see how unattractive that "snob" quality was in others. Of course I still have certain beliefs about some of those things and I can become passionate about them when involved in conversation, but passionate is not the same as judging others for their food decisions. This blog post is about being another kind of snob. A "clutter snob" within your own home, within your own four walls.

As I read through a few books on living minimally the first step is getting rid of the things you own that you don't truly need. Deciding what it is that you truly need is also part of it....there's lots of parts. I feel that getting to the point of recognizing what you need may benefit by bringing out your "clutter snob".

I'm about halfway through my first round of throw aways and give aways, but now I have a slightly different view of things. Easily half of the stuff I was having a hard time letting go of all of a sudden just may not deserve a place in my home much less in my life. If it doesn't make me happy by being practical enough or beautiful enough to earn being part of my more valuable personal and private space then it has to go. It's my party and I'll invite who I want to come! The first step is guarding the door! I'm not letting anything in that I don't want in my home!

As I continue to edit, anything that wants to stay is going to have to have a good reason! I have quite discerning taste!


Maribel said...

I call it "high standard of living". Many translate that in to material things and I think that's why "stuff" can accumulate. Why shouldn't we be discriminating of what we allow in our lives? We totally should. I think that's different from being a "snob".

Rebecca said...

Right on!

Tracy Reifkind said...


You know, if I knew more people that I admired with minimal homes and minimal lives I may be able to visualize it a little better. I think I'm going to have to set the example for my friends and family!

Every time I visit my friend Fawn I want to come home and throw all my stuff out! Fawn has a completely empty living room...on purpose! All I need is to get rid of the sofa and I'll be more than halfway there!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Back at you!