Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday High Volume Snatches...invitation only

I've changed the name of my Saturday "Max based" workout to simply "High Volume Snatches". I made this change after receiving and email from a visiting RKC requesting to attend my class. Routinely I have inquiries about attending my Intermediate, and Advanced classes without passing go.... "Go" is my Learn to Swing class, and my Beginning classes. No one wants to think that they are a "Beginner".

Well, I've tried to explain, in the description of my classes, that my definition of a "Beginner" describes a persons level of conditioning as it pertains to "high volume kettlebell reps", not necessarily their skill at the swing or snatch. You may have great kettlebell swing, or snatch form and technique, but not be conditioned to train the high rep numbers of the Intermediate and, surely not, the advanced levels my more advanced classes train on a regular basis.

This is the only reason my High Volume Snatch class is by invitation only. This past week I got and email from Andi C, and RKC from NM, who trains with TL Keira Newton, about attending my "Max based" snatch class. The only reason why I let her train with us is that she is RKC, and she has already trained Max Vo2....and after I clearly explained to her the possible snatch rep that point it was her responsiblity.

Here is the workout that combines swing/snatch pacing and "all out" fast paced snatches.

1 sw/1 sn/ 1 tr, 1 min work/rest
1 sn/1 tr x 10, 1 min rest
30 sec R, 30 sec L "all out" fast snatches (I never counted my reps, I only went for time)
2 sn/1 tr x 10, 1 min rest
30 sec R, 30 sec L "all out" fast snatches
3 sn/1 tr x 10, 1 min rest
30 sec R, 30 sec L "all out" fast snatches
4 sn/1 tr x 10, 1 min rest
30 sec R, 30 sec L "all out" fast snatches
5 sn/1 tr x 10, 1 min rest
30 sec R, 30 sec L "all out" fast snatches
6 sn/1 tr x 10, 1 min rest
30 sec R, 30 sec L "all out" fast snatches
7 sn/1 tr x 10, 1 min rest
30 sec R, 30 sec L "all out" fast snatches
8 sn/1 tr x 10, 1 min rest
30 sec R, 30 sec L "all out" fast snatches
9 sn/1 tr x 10, 1 min rest
30 sec R, 30 sec L "all out" fast snatches
10 sn/1 tr x 10, 1 min rest

2 minutes "all out" snatches, 30 seconds per arm switch.

In this workout the work sets were "off the clock" In other words, once the snatch /transfer ladder sets were complete I only timed the rest periods to 1 minute. In the beginning the 1 minutes rest period were too long, but I anticipated that. I expected the 1 minute rests to start to feel shorter about at the halfway mark. The rest was much more appreciated after the 1 minute "all out" set, but since the longer snatch transfer rep ladders were done at a slower pace, the 1 minute rest periods never seemed to least to me.

At one time during the workout I suggested a 13kg kettlebell! I knew better than to do this with the 14kg...but the 12kg was a bit too easy for me. Make no mistake shins were sweating! But if I can talk, and count reps, etc., thoughout the entire workout, then it's just not hard enough. But we still got in around 940 snatch reps! That's NOT including the swing reps!

Andi seemed to have a good time of it, as did my other 3 training partners. I was also complimented by her interest to attend more of my classes in the future when she is in town. I did ask Andi to post someting about her experience in my class on the DD forum, so I hope she has something nice to say...well, she better have, as my HV Snatch class is "invitation only", lol!


Haley said...

Sounds like a beast of a workout!! Well done! :)

Diana said...

I did the last HV snatch where you go for 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, then 4 min. Total of 730 snatches and 560 swings.
First off.....You have GOT to have the MOST twisted, bizarre mind of 'em all to come up with this crazy stuff. I used the 12kg, NEVER, even gave using a bigger bell any kind of thought! During the 4 minute sets, I wimped out and had to take 2 minutes rest (after-all, I just came off 2 long 12 hour shifts over the weekend-okay, cop-out, but I'm taking it!) and the very last round of doing the 25/25 for 100 reps took me 5 minutes since I had to put the bell down once or twice! Son of a......I guess that counts me out for ever getting an "invitation" to the non-beginner's class!
When you put this workout on your DVD, please put a warning label on it stating: "these workouts are NOT for the novice kettlebell swinger". These are the kind of workouts that take me that very, very, very "dark place" I go during a long, long run!!! I LOVE that place!
You are on a roll girlfriend.....ride this wave!!!

I could have made this comment way shorter and easier to follow if I would have just said.......
This workout was frickin' hard. HARD, HARD, HARD. And I loved every minute of it!!!
We all know how much I love to ramble on, so what fun would that have been?!!

Morkai said...

Hey Tracy,

Will one of your upcoming DVD's explain the general progression on how to get to these kinds of workouts? I really liked the progression info pdf you gave on the Swings DVD but was feeling a little leery on at what stage and quite how to start adding the cleans, presses and snatches.

By the way, myself and Jim gave a review on one of the Tracy threads on DD for your swing DVD, not sure if you saw it as you were having fun in Ventura at the time:

I also what to thank you for the yoga posts, it's not anywhere as good as a real class (I've had one which I absolutely loved but the time slot and financially isn't very doable right now) but I did pick up an iPad yoga app that has some nice beginner workouts and have been trying those out.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Diana....I'll get back to you, but I'm on my way out to shoot 2, or maybe 3 work along DVD's...more to come

Tracy Reifkind said...


Funny you should ask....about the progressions to get you training high volume....

The first DVD that I'm taping this afternoon is exactly that!

There is a reason why I taped "Programming the Swing" first, but now, look for lots of work along videos to come soon, very soon.

Thanks for the review I'll check it out later this evening

Morkai said...

Oh Yay, :D, I shall await their release with quiet impatience whilst working on my swinging volume :)

Thanks again :)

Maribel said...

It's your own fault us beginners are so eager Tracy! If you weren't such a good trainer and motivator we'd just lolligag. LOL!

You're right, the increase in weight makes more sense as a stepping stone. You know, Meg even told us in the Saturday class she subbed to challenge ourselves with increased weight...I think at the time I just chickened out...but I will have none of that anymore. I'll put my big girl pants on and do it.

andie said...

I just got back from my trip and I am so late in saying "thank you" for hosting me for High Volume Snatches. It was so much fun, and I loved the your energy! Thanks too to all your clients - everyone was so welcoming and supportive. It was such a treat to get the chance to snatch with y'all. Thank you for being so kind to include me, and I HIGHLY recommend that anyone check out your amazing program.