Thursday, November 4, 2010

HV Snatch "all by myself" Day....and a new "100" snatch rep workout

I'm going down south to Hardstyle Ventura with Mark this weekend, but before I leave I had to write a couple of routines for my "subs" so they can lead my Beginning Swing classes on Saturday, in addition I had to design and train my Max based class snatch training!

I liked this high volume snatch workout so much that I may repeat a version of it this weekend on the beach in Ventura (making it a bit harder, of course!). It is a version of one of my "100" workouts. (100 refers to progressing up to a 100 snatch rep set, swing rep set, or both! ). Here it is,


each set is one minute work/rest

1 swing, 1 snatch, 1 transfer (11-12)
1 snatch, 1 transfer (I call these "snatch transfers". 16)
10/10 snatch R/L
25 snatch R/L (I divided them 12/13, or visa versa as the workout progresses)

8 minutes total. 72 snatches, 38 swings

each set now increases to two minutes, same combinations, but with only 1 minute rest

1 swing, 1 snatch, 1 transfer (22)
1 snatch, 1 transfer (32)
10/10 x 2 snatch R/L= 40 snatch reps
25 x 2 snatch R/L = 50 snatch reps

12 minutes total 144 snatches, 76 swings

each set now increases to five minutes, same combinations, but with 2 minutes rest (except the last set of faster paced snatches which only lasted for 4 minutes....because 4 x 25 = 100, and that was the goal!)

1 swing, 1 snatch, 1 transfer (55, 110 swings)
1 snatch, 1 transfer (80 snatch, 80 swings)
10/10 x 5 santch R/L = 100 snatch reps
25 x 4 snatch R/L = 100 snatch reps (4 minutes)

27 minutes total 335 snatches, 190 swings

Total workout 47 minutes 551 snatches, 304 swings

I thought about leaving the last set at 5 minutes, but there were OCD pros and cons.... the "con" was that it wouldn't equal 100! The pros would be that it would equal a 5 min set, like the others, and it would increase the snatch rep count (576 total snatches)....but do what you want.

Oh, and ladies....(my training partners, Meg, Sabina and Mina....),this is also your Saturday workout!

It may seem a bit slow in the beginning, but the last 27 minutes is chose your bell weight wisely.

I finished my workout with 15 minutes of double clean/presses and my, soon to be famous, "shoulder smoker"! (details to come soon!)

As I mentioned earlier in this blogpost, I'll be doing my own workout on Sat. in Ventura, and it looks as if I'll have at least one person joining me for a swing class/workout during lunch! Any other takers? All are welcome, just BYOB....bring your own bells!

PS Mark and I will be staying our friends, Greg and Jen Mishkin....Jen is my west coast BFF! I've got a big batch of Sloppy Joe sauce in the freezer I'm tempted to pack for dinner tomorrow night so she doesn't have to cook!


Diana said...

I like the sound of this, however, when I do snatch ladders I absolutely hate that feeling of when I'm down to the last 2 reps, then 1 rep when I transfer to the other side. Hate that, what I like to call my, "interruption in the flow" of things. Tends to throw me off. I like the rhythm of a high volume snatch workout for sure, but "for me" I can see those transfers will screw with my flow. I'll give it a try and see, who knows, I could be completely wrong!
Have a good weekend at the Hardstyle!

Tracy Reifkind said...


This workout is not so much a "snatch ladder" as it is a "time ladder" in the workload. And as the 4 sets in this rotation build, it ladders down the swing reps and ladders up the snatch you will end the workout without having to "interupt" your snatches!

I particularly like getting my HV swings and snatches in at the same time. For me swings are a more intense workload...snatches are like a vacation, especially 10/10 per minute pace.

PS I did about 800 swings with my first client just prior to this workout.... said...

Hi Tracy,

thanks again for the free video.

I've had my kettlebells for 2 weeks now and have been practicing TGU and swings (1 and 2 handed). Today I attempted your video and got to the 24 minute mark before I had to stop. Whew!

Anyway, my question.....can you talk me through the transition in regard to the hand position? When learning the single handed swing, "they" said to grab the handle in the corner with thumb and first finger (if using my right hand, I'd grab the bell in the left corner). So, when I transition from single to double hand, do I still use that same positioning? Just shift my hand back and forth - I assume at the top of the swing?


Diana said...

RKC year 2014: Day 4 will have to be added to consist of high volume swings and high volume snatch training and workouts!
I first read this workout at 4am for crying out loud, so my first thing I have to remember is NOT to comment at that time of day. This workout was an absolute smoker!
Good lord, what kind of a mind thinks of this crap. Are you kidding me??!! (Please insert my sarcastic tone anywhere here) This could easily be a workout to be done at the RKC. I really thought the snatch transfer (your word!) went okay. My first thought was that it would throw off rhythm. But it didn't, it in fact gave me the "break" my body needed to continue with this beast of a workout. And of course, running through my mind at the beginning was that; "Tracy used a 12kg, hmmm, I bet I could do this with the 14kg" Thank God I didn't listen to THAT gremlin in my mind. I remember the very last part of your post stating to be careful what bell size you end up choosing.
This is a hard, yet easy to follow workout. This smoked my arse. This made my day! This IS a keeper. I can only say that I hope this is one of "advanced" workouts destined to be on the HV Snatch DVD!

Tracy Reifkind said...


You will find your own one hand transfer position...don't overthink it! No one had to tell me how to do it....just get from one hand to the other...of from one hand to two!

Some of the smaller bells have more narrow handles and one cannot even fit 2 hands worries, we all find our way.

But you are right about all shifting happens at the top of the swing, same as all transitions (transfers) of the swing.

Unless you are snatching for reps and time. Training the transfer at the bottom to save reps and time...but that is an advanced skill only used for testing.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Seriously "Laughing My Ass Off"!Girlfriend, would I lead you astray?

Combining swings with snatches AND pacing? Good Lord...does it get any better? Well, it did get better (read the updated version).

Funny you should mention the 14kg....when I was repeated the updated version of this workout in Ventura, I took the 14kg with me! Yeah right! No freakin' least not that day....but look for it soon!

The HV Santch video will indeed combine swings with the snatches in Part 2....part 1 will focus on snatch training only.