Friday, November 12, 2010

What a Day....

Today I'm going to try and be a short story teller.

Friday 11/12/2010

My first DVD, Programming the Kettlebell Swing is now being offered by Dragon Door!

I tried not to obsess about over exercising. My schedule only allowed one Bikram yoga class this morning....I decided to skip my second scheduled yoga class, Vinyasa.

I saw my toes for the very first time in Camel pose....for the very first time! 2 weeks short of a 4 year practice. I sat up after the pose and announced it to the class. (blogpost to follow soon)

I spent 15 full minutes in Savasana (something that I now do on a regular basis). And my last thought before I looked up at the clock was, "My life life so good." I decided to end Savasana on a high note!

I showered at the Studio, and put on my best black clothes, suede pumps, pressed slacks, crisp shirt.....when I got to my destination I left my designer purse in the car.

I attended the funeral of the 26 year old son of a close friend I've had in my life for over 28 years. I was reminded this afternoon, by the priest giving service, of the two very things that have been on my mind lately. How one choses to spend their "time". And not waiting for a "special" day, instead remembering that everyday is special.

I went home, changed my clothes, washed my face....I rarely wear makeup, but then I rarely get an occasion to wear it. Has my life come to the point of only taking the time to look my best when attending church services? Whether it's a funeral or a wedding? A bit of reflection about the whole "make-up" thing....

I weighed myself. 140lbs. 26% bodyfat. (do you know how hard it is to publish these facts?) Not hard at all! I'm a strong, lean, muscularly dense kettlebell athlete. And then I had lunch.

Roasted tomato soup, pork, farro and barley, with a dollop of cottage cheese.....a few prunes for dessert.

I finished my own pedicure, I tanned. (I hate to admit it, but life goes life goes on) I've scheduled to shoot 3 kettlebell videos, "work along with" style, on Monday, and I've got to feel like I look my best....whatever that is for a 47 year old former fat girl....can you believe I'm trying to pull the simpathy card? What's wrong with me?

I've already pre cooked and prepared enough food for the next few days. so cooking was not on the list today.

I played around with some workout routines for all 4 of my kettlebell classes tomorrow morning....lots of swings, lots of snatches....should I try and fit a yoga class in afterwards....that's my compulsive overexerciser tapping me on my shoulder.

My weightloss story has been confirmed as a feature in a major magazine....they want to schedule the official photo shoot!

6 hours ago my friends put their son in the ground.....

Mark just asked me if this chaos is ever going to come to an end. Chaos is relative, he didn't mean it in a bad way. Our "chaos" consists of some high quality problems.

My granddaughter Sophi just made a "butt call" to me....accident? I don't think so. Cristina, her mother, and I planned our next get together, and Thanksgiving plans....and Sophi said "Hi" to me over the phone.

I never want to bury anyone I love. Never.


Diana said...

I see people die all the time. A lot of times, I'm the person who comes in and literally removes the life support plug. Even though they are NOT my family, it's still hard. It's funny how we, our society, has come up with humane ways to make people die (IE: injection via death penalty) to those who don't want to die, but for the millions who suffer daily, they just keep on suffering because we as a society CAN'T let people die. I absolutely hated watching my Mom die. I hated getting the call that I just missed my father passing. I hate not having any family anymore, sucks, but life does go on. Goes on with the spirits of those who have left this earth when there time came.
I can only hope that my "time" is easy on the family that I do have and that it's (don't we all wish this) quick. I mostly hope it's a long, long, long time from now!
Scraping off 100lbs should help!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'm so lucky....the deaths of people I know and care about have been so far and inbetween.

It's funny how you make some decisions about your own funeral as you attend the funeral of others.....I've decided I don't want one!

I agree with you about death coming quickly....when it comes. Like you, I plan on it not happening for long, long, long time. I have no problem thinking of myself at 100 years and and mobility are key though.

Mark often says that it's not getting old that sucks, it's getting sick! Ain't that the truth.

Diana said...

Haha, I can see it now, it's the year 2062-I'm now 100 years old doing my snatch test for the 25th time at the RKC!!
This broad (me) plans to hang tough for quite some time! Did I just say "hang"-ugh??!!!!!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Diana....2062? that means you are 1 year older than me!

2063...good God, it's only 2010! Sweet!