Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why "Gym Lifts" don't count! And Tuesday Training

I started out my morning with a quick 10 min 12kg snatch set, 20 rpm 5 min R/L....no problem, it didn't even feel hard.  200 snatch reps in a casual 10 minute set was 3 more snatch reps than my last meet in April, less than 8 weeks ago, and much easier!  Wanting to becoming a competitive lifter is changing me in so many ways.

I say "wanting to become" because I have so much respect for the athletes that have put in the time and commitment to their sport, and sacrifice, yep sacrifice, that I'm not sure how to include myself in the group.  My wanting to be might not have caught up with my belief that I am yet.

Being a competitive lifter and coach for from 1990-2003 Mark has always emphasized the difference between what you might be able to do in gym practice not being the same, not even close, to what you do on "game day".

This morning I had no stress.  No time table.  I didn't have to travel, or change any part of my normal routine.  In fact I didn't even have to do the set if I didn't want to!  I didn't have to weigh in, I didn't have to wait, plan my food, change my clothes, worry about judges.  Nothing was riding on what I could or couldn't do. Oh, and I didn't have a 10 minute jerk set beforehand either!  That's kind of important too!

Competition doesn't wait, it demands.

Tuesday Training

after a quick warm up
200 12kg snatch reps, 100 R/100 L one hand switch.

swings (600-700 reps)
warm up squat, press, snatch
10 goblet squats
10 clean/push press R 
and L
10 snatch R 
and L
x 3 rounds

7:00-7:45 private session

Get Ups
30 total, 15/R, 15/L
10 R/L arm casts 
10 R/L shield casts

Bikrams Yoga 9:15am


swings w/14kg

10 2 hd sw x 4
10 tr x 4
10 tr + 10 2 hd sw x 2 (30/30, 30/15)
5/5 x 4
5/5 + 10 tr + 10 2 hd sw  x 3 (45/45, 45/30, 45/15)
10 2 hd sw x 4
10 2 hd sw + 5/5 + 10 tr + 10 2 hd sw (1/1, 1/45, 1/30, 1/15)

1 min sets w/16kg w/30 sec rest x 6 (9 min)
29 min total, 690 swing reps

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