Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Training. A bit of old, a bit of new.

This morning was fab-u-lous!  I've ben trying to juggle my hardstyle, high volume workouts, with my Kettlebell Sport training and it's just now starting to come together.  Still, much room for improvement, but I'm figuring it out.  I'm figuring our how to balance the two.  One big, huge decision was to change my Saturday classes to Sunday, starting in July as a trial.  This way I can train at Juno on Saturdays (in Berkeley, 40 miles away), fresh, and still keep my hardstyle HV training the day after.

Back to this morning's workout.  I have been training a heavy double swing cycle on Thursdays, but it's been a while since I've done double overhead work regularly. This morning we did double presses, push presses, jerks, snatches and half snatches (snatch/rack...or snatch, neg press).  We finished off with some heavy swings for a bit over 30 minutes.  Cooked!  Done...finito....on to the rest of my morning.  (warm up swings don't really count so I won't bore anybody with the details....but 10 min. warm up, 12kg swings)

The actual workout consisted of 2 sets, the first was a one minute work/ 30 sec rest, using a single bell to "warm up" the overhead skill. Then using overhead skill progressions, starting with the most difficult, strict press, push press, jerks, snatch, half snatch we did double "swing-skill" for five sets of 5 or 6 reps, 30 seconds work/30 sec rest.

single bell (14kg)
1 sw R, 1 press R, tr, 1 sw L, 1 press L, tr x 8 (4 each side) 1 min/30 sec x 2 sets
1 dbl sw, 1 dbl press x 5 x 5 sets, 30/30 (12kg's)

1 sw R, 1 pu press R, tr, 1 sw L, 1 pu press L, tr x 8 (4 each side w/ 14kg) 1 min/30 sec x 2 sets
1 dbl sw, 1 dbl press x 5 x 5 sets, 30/30 (14kg's)

1 sw R, 1 jerk R, tr, 1 sw L, 1 jerk L, tr x 8 (4 each side w/14kg) 1 min/30 sec x 2 sets
1 dbl sw, 1 dbl jerk x 5 x 5 sets, 30/30 (14kg's)

1 sw R, 1 snatch R, tr, 1 sw L, 1 snatch L, tr x 8 (4 each side) 1 min/30 sec x 2 sets
1 dbl sw, 1 dbl snatch x 6 x 5 sets, 30/30 (12kg's)

1 sw R, 1 half snatch R, tr, 1 sw L, 1 half snatch L, tr x 8 (4 each side w/12kg's) 1 min/30 sec x 2 sets
1 dbl sw, 1 dbl half snatch x 6 x 5 sets, 30/30 (12kg's)

repeat 5 more sets, one of each overhead skill listed above (30/30);

dbl sw/press x 5 reps
dbl sw/pu press x 5 reps
dbl sw/jerk x 5 reps
dbl sw/sn x 6 reps
dbl sw/1/2 sn x 6 reps

45 minutes, total reps

8 single sw/press, 30 dbl sw/press
8 single sw/pu press, 30 dbl sw/pu press
8 single sw/jerk, 30 dbl sw/jerk
8 single sw/sn, 38 dbl sw/sn
8 single sw/1/2 sn, 38 dbl sw/1/2 sn

....onto swings

We practiced an advanced version of one of my workouts for The Swing Quest 2013 (next event in 7 days!), "Long and Short".  "Long and Short" should probably be called "Short and Long", now that I think about it!  lol  It starts out with short sets of ten two hand swings, then a "long" set of one hand swing depending on the number of short sets done.  We shortened all of the rest intervals making this an advanced routine.

400 20kg swings
300 16kg swings

700 swings
30.5 minutes total

600 swings (12kg)
clean dbl press, see saw press, lunges

Juno GS sets

14kg jerk
30 R/30 L (3 minutes total)

16kg "death pie" snatch

"Death Pie" is a snatch held overhead for 10 seconds. 18 DP snatches takes 3 min.  This set totaled 6 minutes and I barely hung on.  To start with I ripped some calluses open on my right hand during the warm if I was going to do this set I just had to grin and bear was only 18 reps R/L afterall!  "F"'s jut 18 reps each side!  Done.

I'm not posting this picture of my ripped calluses because I'm proud, I'm posting it because I'm not ashamed or embarrassed.  I often use the analogy of my hands to that of a dancers feet.  That being said, I do need to learn better, by practice, the technique of saving the skin and health of my palms that is so important in training this sport....and I am slowly but surely learning...I have to!  In the mean time I will get my work done, and learn along the way.

PS I had to cut the ripped skin off before my work set.  To be honest, if it weren't only 18 reps per side I might have passed...but it was only 18 reps...only 18 reps, held for 10 seconds at the top of each one....3 minutes total for each side...16kg.


Maribel said...

I love/hate doubles...both for the same reason. They're hard! But the challenge makes it so rewarding when you finish.

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