Monday, June 10, 2013

"Give and Take #2: The Partner Workouts"

I have only one day left to get ready to film the next Tracyrif Kettlebell Swing video with co-star/swinger Jeff Sokol SFG, and let me tell you...I'm barely ready! It's not the number of swing reps, or the amount of work to be done, but I am on a tighter schedule, given I chose to film on a Wednesday.

 Wednesday is a "regular" business day for all gyms and studios, which means I have use of the studio for 5-6 hours. And not a minute more! Get in, do thousands of swing reps, perfectly, and get out! Why, why did I NOT choose to do this on a Sunday? Argh! Combine that with the fact that I still only have a template for the workouts, AND Jeff has NEVER swung with me (in person) ever before! At the very least, it will be entertaining! lol

 So, armed with my rough draft of "Give and Take #2: The Partner Workouts", me and "pretend Jeff" headed out to Stone's Gym first thing this morning to practice!

I thought it would be fun to share this short video with you all.

I went out into the gym around 7:00am, deciding to warm up with the first 20-30 minutes that I knew was solidly the first part of this next video workout. I also knew I had to train my Kettlebell Sport sets, jerks and snatches, for about 25-30 minutes. Which I did second. I then went on to ad lib a possible ending progression, having to "pretend" I had a partner that was doing something a little different than I was doing!

It reminded me of being a kid in front of the bathroom mirror, pretending to be "famous", acting in a commercial using my toothbrush as a microphone! Didn't you all do that? No? Just me huh? lol Okay. Anyway....

Tomorrow I have to have everything done! That means that I'll be in the gym tomorrow, before class (5:30am) practicing the routine. I will do a modified version WITH my class, and maybe even do more practice in the 30 minutes afterwards. But no worries. Once I get my hands on the bell Wednesday morning, all will be right. It's really all of the other stuff that has got me worried!

Working during operating hours of a gym/studio means I have to get there early and stage the scene, AND clean up afterwards! What was I thinking? Not to mention I have to make sure I have snacks, water, mirror, makeup, clothes, etc....I know, I know....high quality problems! Let's just have some fun! Shall we! "Give and Take #2: The Partner Workouts"

Picture below:  Looking for the proper "clean" position. I completed my 14kg jerk set and a 16kg snatch in between "G & T #2", which is why I still had my lifting shoes on while I was practicing!

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