Friday, June 7, 2013

Good Lordy! New Strength Double Bell Swing Cycle

I don't think I fully made public my last double bell swing/strength cycle I trained before SFG, but I did journal most, if not all, of my next 6 week swing/strength cycle using my Sinister Swing workouts w/32kg.  Well, let me tell you....

A single 32kg, is NOT the same as double 16kg's.  It's too late in the evening to write much more, and although I journaled my exact workout for my own personal viewing, I cannot share it here.  I cannot share it because I've been practicing the new "Give and Take #2" video workouts, to which my last workout, and the next 5 weeks of my Thursday workouts will be based on the template of G&T #2....using double bells!

I have not swung double 16kg's since SFG because, as I recently posted I suffered an injury on day one of the three day Cert.  I came back home with recovery as a priority, BUT also focusing on the high volume work I could do.  Mostly single bell (okay, all single bell now that I think about it!), and training for Kettlebell Sport.

I'm almost 100%, so it's back to doubles...and more about double kettlebell training over the weekend!

120 sw w/12kg, 6 min

120 16kg single, 100 dbl 14kg, 8.5 min

120 16kg single, 100 dbl 16, 8.5 min

90 singl, 130 dbl, 8.5 min

90 sgl, 130 dbl, 8.5 min

34 minutes work sets

420 single16kg 
460 dbls (1/2 14's 1/2 16's = 230 dbl 16kgs)

1000 swings! 

40 minutes total

Onto dbl snatches.

I don't even know...but I'm guessing

10 sets, 2 w/8kg, 4 w/14kg, 4 w/12kg

22 8kg, 40 12kg, 40 14kg.

I can not believe in less than 1 week I am going to be taping 2 new swing videos!  And I've invited a new male co-swinger, Jeff Sokol SFG from Kettlebility in Seattle WA.  Jeff has never swung with me before, but he is a well respected Instructor in our community for his attention to form, technique and for his passion.  Jeff shares his own story of transformation of wellness and weightloss via kettlebells and I'm honored that he accepted my invitation to come swing "TracyStyle"!

On the agenda is first "Give and Take #2"!  Give and Take has been far and above my #1 selling workout video and it's a workout that I use all the time.  Since I teach so many mixed level classes it's a workout that is always relevant.  And when Mark tells me he used it with his clients? Well, it just doesn't get better than that kind of recommendation!

Next is a "Partner Swing" workout DVD, yet to be named.  I've got so many great routines for two, or more, people of different levels training together.  Many, many times this is a husband / wife combo, OR simply two (or more) friends, one has been training a while and wants to help another build up the strength and stamina and feel fit, healthy and overall GREAT...but who is greedy too!  We don't want to miss out on our own time to train!

I'm not 100% yet, but I think the "partner swing" video will end with a double bell "finisher"!  Good Lordy!  Now I've said it must be so!

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