Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday, it's just swings!

I had a relatively easy GS set this morning. 50/50 snatch reps w/14kg, no specific time limit.  Usually my Kettlebell Sport training is 3 days a week, two "sets", the first is jerks, the second, snatches.  Knowing I was going to Juno in the afternoon (after my "regular" training) and knowing I need the most help with my heavy jerks (via watching other athletes and coaching), I saved the "first set" for last.  Snatches don't scare all.  I don't care if I'm asked to try and snatch the 24kg, I don't care!  It's my jerk that has been scaring the hell out of me.  As usual I brought home with me a wealth of new knowledge that I can't wait to try and apply to my next workouts (easy to say now!).

For some crazy reason I'm stressed the heck out about my video shoot this Wednesday!  It must be because that although I've written and designed the workouts "in theory" based on similar routines I've actually done, I still have not gone through them rep for rep myself.  So, with the help of my two training partners this morning, the majority of what we did was, in fact, my new workouts.  "Give and Take #2" and a "partner" swing workout that has yet to find a title!

I thought G&T #2 would be easy....but somehow I screwed that up!  Back to the drawing board!  The other partner workout I LOVE!  I repeated it in my next class, taking the position of the "other" partner....good-ness you all are going to love it too!

Okay.  So nothing to be nervous or stressed about.  It's just swings!  Hundreds and hundreds of swings!  lol

7:00-7:30 warm up, GS 50/50 14kg snatch
7:30-8:30 G&T #2, partner swing ladder
8:30-9:00 partner swing ladder
9:00-9:30 goblet/front squats, strict press practice

10:00-11:00 privates

12:30-1:30 GS at Juno 14kg 40/40 jerk (4 minute rest in between the 2 sets)

I was not concerned at all about counting reps today.  All I care about is getting Wednesday's video shoot organized and efficient!  I've got the use of Juno's space for about 5-6 hours, and then I've got to get Jeff back to the airport (in Oakland) before 5:30-6:00....geez, I should think about what Jeff has got to do, instead of me!


chrystad72 said...

I am sssooo totally excited about the new DVDs coming out. Nothing to be nervous about as you are gonna be awesome. I just started learning the jerk, its fun but I definitely need some practice. But its a cool challenge anyways for sure!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Thanks, and it's not the workout that I'm worried about so much! As I always say, once I get my hands on the bell everything just flows. It's all I have to do between now and that first swing on Wednesday!

Argh! Took the day off today though and chilled out!