Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"I don't make the rules, I just know them...and they apply to me too!"

Mark often says this when reminding me about the science of dieting.  Not that he has to "diet" necessarily, because he doesn't overeat in the first place!  But this post is about how I am not immune either!  At the end of the day my body only needs a certain amount of food, and any extra will be taken on in the form of added pounds.  Period.

I've kept a food journal on my computer, off and on for years, but this last time, 3 weeks ago, I decided to go "old school" and actually hand write my daily diet.  In fact I think I still have two of my original journals from 2005-2007...and what I will find in those journals would not surprise me!  I know exactly what I ate and how much because it was simple and repetitive.  I could probably tell you right now the basic daily menu.

smoothie/shake (yogurt, blueberries, sometimes coffee, ice, fiber)
large salad
apple (at some point during the day)

80% it went down like this for 80% of my week....oh how far we have fallen!  lol

Oh sure, I never restricted myself from any foods, and if you look back at my blogs you will see plenty of mini binges and well as major binges.  Cookies and ice cream topped the list, I'd rather eat those kind of things instead of big burritos or cheeseburgers.  And for the most part I still eat this way....or so I thought!

My portions have...grown over the years and so has my body weight.  Since 2009 my lowest average weight of 129-132 has increased to 135-142lbs.  Menopause hit and boom, another 5-10lbs!  I was not happy.  So I had to at least solve the mystery so I could either accept it or change it!  

I knew I was eating too much.  When Mark would try and help me by asking me what I thought the cause was I always answered, "I'm just eating too much!"  I did not want to admit it, but it certainly wasn't because I was starving myself!  I confess I may have been in denial about just how much I was eating....soooo...I had to write it down...and measure it.  It seemed as if I had gotten into some bad habits!

Now I know that it is a possibility that since going through menopause my metabolism has changed, but how would I know without an accurate accounting?  If "the change" makes me feel hungrier, and  my metabolism changed then I had to decide what, if anything I was going to do about it.

Previously I knew my basic daily calorie consumption was around 2200-2400. That's a lot of calories!  And I knew if I even cut back 200 a day I could have easily maintained my 135-136lb....but I didn't want it bad enough, I guess.  Well, I was shocked to see my daily calories soar around 2400-2600!  Ouch.  Was I hungrier because of menopause?  Or was I just being careless, greedy, and spoiled? 2600 calories is a lot!

Good God.  I've got to go on a diet!  So, diet I did!  I didn't go crazy because I knew I didn't want to, I didn't have the motivation or desire!  I was able to cut back to under 2000, some days better than others to about 1600, but for the most part 1800-1900.  Seven pounds gone so far!  And I'm not going to say it's fun, but it's fun fitting back into my clothes again! In fact, now that I think about it, it is fun!  On the days I look at it as a game I have an even better outcome.  It's just food, and I'm not suffering.

Some days I wish I could gobble up the world of food, but I would rather not want to feel that way, than to actually do it.  And I'm kind of feeling much better.  In fact I do, I do feel better to know and take responsibility for the choices I make.

This has been my own experience.  Everybody has their own beliefs about what is making them or keeping them at a bodyweight they might not
want.  For me I have always known the cause.  I haven't always been motivated to take action, but I've always taken responsibility.

Yes, I'm almost 50 years old. Yes, I'm going through menopause.  Yes, my metabolism may have shifted.  Yes, even my body shape and fat deposits may change....or not....

I've got to get to bed!  I've got a video shoot in the morning and I feel fabulous!


Judy said...

Thank you! I'll be 50 in July - went through instant menopause at 40 - so I can really relate to your recent posts!

Candice Clem said...

Yay Tracy! I'm glad you were able to figure it out. And i love that you went old school pen and paper :)

Pat Carroll said...

You are absolutely right about writing it down. I had a huge (20+#) weight gain with culinary school after I retired, and I've gotten that off. Now I mean to get the next 20# off to get to my marathon weight and the only way is to journal. Every thing. Lose weight, lift weights, simple. Just not easy.

Tracy Reifkind said...


"instant menopause"? hmm..does that mean it came and went instantly? Or did it come instantly and stay? lol

1963 was obviously a good year!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Yep, there is something about pen and paper! My penmanship sucks! That's why I didn't post some pics of the actual pages!

Tracy Reifkind said...


It's easy when you are motivated! But when you are not, then, I believe, the next big thing is to at least erase the denial. Once you face the science, then it's up to you to change it or not.

For me, this time, once I saw the evidence I had to change it. I had to take responsibility for one or the other. Responsibility for being larger than what feels comfortable, and change it, or settle for finding comfort in being larger....and the second is just not an option right now.