Thursday, September 16, 2010

Same, but's all about me!

Couple of things....first, my second workout of the morning I did with my beginning class. It was a modified version of my Tues Max-based workout. Here it is...oh and Diana commented that I should file this one away's a keeper for sure!

15 set rotation 15:15 (work to rest ratio)

7 snatch R
7 snatcch L
10 swings (2 hand or dbls)
7 sn R, 7 sn L x 2 (4 sets total)
10 swings (2 hand or dbls)
7 sn R, 7 sn L x 3 (6 sets total)
10 swings

repeat each rotation as many times as you feel applicable! 7 1/2 minutes per rotation.

I did the same 15 set snatch/swing combination, rotations as Tuesday, but adapted it to the skill levels of all involved. Here's 3 different weight versions.....

Me.....double 8kg's for snatches, and a single 12kg for 2 hd swings (it was my second workout of the morning afterall. If it were my only workout, see my last post, or.....I would have chosen 12 kg's for double swings, or a 16kg for 2 hand swings....)

Scott.....male, no more than 160lbs, about 5'9" (36 years old...he told me!) 16kg for snatches, two 12kg's for swings.

Janet....tiny little Spinning teacher (and yoga), 5'2" and maybe a buck 10/15, and has been training high volume with me for about 5 months (age? I haven't asked, but she has a little grandchild like me...I think she's a bit younger?) 6kg for snatches, 10 kg for 2 hand swings.

The reason why I love this 15 set rotaton of 15:15 snatches and swings is that the 7 1/2 minute rotation lends itself, perfectly (OCD) to a 15/30/45 minute workout. It incorporatesfast snatches with the ultimate...swings! It ladders up, the difficulty, progressively, starting again at the bottom of the ladder with each rotation.

Swings are more difficult than snatches. If you don't believe me then do 80 sets of 10 rep swing sets with your snatch weight and let me know how it goes for you! I'll always chose to incorporate swings, (Swngs, the Center of the Kettlebell Universe), with snatches any day of the week.....


OK, so now, in the words of Master RKC Instructor Brett Jones, "It's all about 'thisguy'"("this guy" is all one word, lol), but in my case, it's all about "thisgirl".....

Jordan left our Studio to start his own business a couple of weeks ago, but he was generous enough to leave the DVD player he had mounted in the window behind (his own new Studio, Average to Elite, doesn't have walk by traffic the way Girya does. Girya being in the heart of downtown Palo Alto). So we popped in a copy of my new DVD, to play continuously, in the front window, along with a laminated copy of the article about my story, in Vitalics Magazine, about my amazing weightloss and physical transformation, using my methods of training the kettlebell swing.

I woke up this morning to an email from Pavel, with a glowing endorsement for my first DVD! Expect to see my DVD, along with Mark's DVD, "Lats, the Super Muscles", and Dave Whitley's DVD's, produced by Laree Draper, for sale on DragonDoor soon! But the best part is that I was asked to present some of my methods at furture RKC's and have some of them incorporated into the RKC curriculum! It's been a dream of mine to have a group of potential RKC's swinging in rythym to my instruction!

Dreams can come true!
Another dream? To live someplace else, like Hungary, for 3-6 months a year, training, teaching and coaching kettlebells! And cooking, of course.

Life is good. Transformations happen. Transforming body, lifestyle into miracles. If you can believe it, you can achieve it. I chose to believe.


Tracy Reifkind said...
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Mark Reifkind said...

Congratulations my love, for being acknowledged by the best for the genius that you are :))

You have created something truly revolutionary, truly unique, and truly original. You have taken the simplest training tool imaginable and made it available to everybody.

The People's exercise indeed and you have Mastered it.And people need to know this method and they will.

Just the beginning...

Diana said...

A successful woman is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her!
Finally, your time to "rock" the world is here! You believed in yourself and finally the day has come when others have no choice but to believe in you as well! You know I always did! ;)

This swing/snatch combo IS a keeper and I have it written down, I was also thinking about taking out the swings and adding squats or some other bodyweight crap I love so much!

Congratulations on all that is coming your way! You deserve it-ride that wave sister!

Dirigo said...

You go girl, the world is at your finger tips.

Tracy Reifkind said...

My love,

I couldn't do it without you, thank goodness I never will.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Sure, you can throw any other KB movement into that 15 sec. interval....or turn it into a 30 sec interval...whatever! That's the beauty of "TracyStyle" (lol)

The biggest reason you don't see alot of squats in my workouts, these days, is because I'm trying to keep my lower body "lighter" until I get my pull-up done. Everything helps!

Also, since this workout was inspired by Max, the goal is higher heartrate. Squats are not a ballistic movement, so they will slow the heartrate down, same with presses....but cleans on the other hand?

I love cleans, and I'll have Mark help me write a blogpost about why!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'm doing it!

Once I made up my mind to stop apologizing for it everything changed.

Juci said...

first of all, congratulations to the newest acknowledgments :)

Moreover, I particularly like this sentence: "Another dream? To live someplace else, like Hungary, for 3-6 months a year, training, teaching and coaching kettlebells! And cooking, of course".

I do hope your dream will come true soon :)

Tracy Reifkind said...


I forgot about yoga! Are Hungarians into "hot yoga"?

Kettlebells, cooking, yoga!

Papucs orrĂ¡n Pamutbojt said...

This is exactly what I can say first:

and then....I'll write email not to consume all your bytes here, cuz' it' half a novel :-)


Juci said...

Hungarians and hot yoga?
Definitely! :)