Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Near Perfect Training Day

Tuesday mornings I teach an all level 45-60 min class at Girya and then I hop over to Equinox for a more advanced KB class. It was a near perfect training day in terms of the length of both workouts as well as the volume.

For my first workout, I used a method of training the KB Swing I call "work into rest". It's explained on my DVD so I won't go into any details here. But I can tell you that the first 30 minutes of class we did a solid 750 swings, increasing the size of our bells as we went along. I then applied the same method to snatches and our snatch count was 336 in 17 minutes....47 minutes of high volume kettlebells....any day of the week I would be happy with that kind of workout, but Tuesdays I get a bonus......

10/10 x 10 minute snatch = 200 reps
(about a 2 min. rest period)

16kg roundabout swings with the female friendly handle

3 min., 120 sw, 1 min. rest
4 min, 160 sw, 1 min rest
5 min., 200 sw, 1 min. rest
8 min., 320 sw, 1 min rest
5 min, 200 sw

29 minutes, 1000 16kg swings

Total for 2 workouts
1 hour 28 minutes, 1750 swings, 536 snatches

In addition to a bunch of other pull-up and Level 2 drills, 5 sets of 10 rep, dbl bottoms up cleans. 45 minute walk afterwards...no Bikram.

Did I say near perfect? I meant perfect!


Mark Reifkind said...

people have no idea of what that perfect training day for you actually entails; you did more work in one day than most do in a month! easily.

your work capacity and power are off the charts honey. amazing.

Tracy Reifkind said...


ahh...my biggest fan. Lucky me.

Maribel said...

I'm so impressed! Seeing as I had my first class with you on Monday and swung a total of 15 times tops and I'm still feeling it today! Looking forward to Friday.


ps. Just found your blog and thoroughly enjoying it.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Welcome! You'll have to look over my previous blog, Living my Physical Potential. (the link on side bar)

You did a super job learning so quickly, it can be tons of fun getting into shape, but even more fun being in "shape"!

Dirigo said...

I watched the DVD last week (the day I got it) and it is very impressive. I am not cleared to swing yet from the DR (had foot surgery), but I had to do a couple swings just to play, I was regretting it after, but I am so excited to get started. I love to swing and do snatches but could never figure out how to get the volume and it is truely drawn out in your DVD.
I would love to be able to attend one of your classes, but being on the east coast does not allow for it.



Tracy Reifkind said...



Training the snatch can be done in the same progressive way as I've outlined in my swing methods.

Now that I've made this info public I can talk about my snatch "work into rest" training as well as incorporating swings and snatches in combination sets.

Although I've been blogging about my workouts for years, I think being able to explain in my own words, via this DVD, makes "decoding" my blogpost workouts that much easier.

Hanneke said...

I did this training today. (29 min,1000 swings) I thought it would be ok since I do a lot of VO2 max work. NOT, man it was a tough one. Or maybe I had a bad day :))

Thanks for all your hard work. Love your workouts!