Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Hungarian Snatch

The first time I really did some "hardstyle snatching" was this past February at my RKC recertification. Since the 14kg was not yet available, I was left with only two bell size choices to do all of my training with. The 16kg is too heavy to use for 3 days of training, but the 12kg too light. So, I had to make training with the 12kg as "hard" as possible. This is when I became real familiar with Hardstyle swings and snatches.

What's a hardstyle snatch? Well, I define it as the same as a hardstyle swing where a person puts as much speed on the backstroke as possible, in other words, throwing the bell behind you (using your lats and arms). A snatch is held over head of course, and that's where you get a bit of rest, whereas a swing has very little resting time at the top of the movement before you take it right into the next rep. A hardstyle snatch also has a powerful, crisp, lockout....technique is emphasized, not # of reps, or how fast you get those reps done. (Max)

Mark got an email from Peter Lakatos, Senior RKC Instructor, explaining and showing, him what Peter calls the "Hungarian Snatch". I believe this is similar to a hardstyle snatch, but Peters methods for training this tehnique is what makes it "Hungarian" (leave it to the Hungarians to take the snatch to another level!) Here's the link to Marks blog with more details, since I'm still learning the method myself,

I did a modified version of this type of training because, as I just mentioned, I don't have enough understanding of the method yet, so this was just a trail run prior to my Max based training yesterday.


10 minutes of 10 snatches per arm, rest inbetween sets
All 10 rep sets done hard, fast, crisp, and powerful, resting until heartrate comes back down to around 120ish. I didn't count them because I was too focused on gauging when it was time to pick the bell up again. I think I did 11 sets of 10 = 110. Next time I'll do the 200 reps required and time the length of the workout.

on to the rest of my's a version of last weeks snatch workout.

14kg snatches
16kg swings

7/7 x 1
10 2 hd sw x 1

7/7 x 2
10 2 hd sw x 2

7/7 x 3
10 2 hd sw x 3

7/7 x 4
10 2 hd sw x 4

7/7 x 5
10 2 hd sw x 5

22.5 minutes
210 snatches
150 swings

30 snatch sets
15 swing sets
45 sets total

Picture above is from my RKC this past February with my Team Leader Peter Lakatos (now Senior Instructor), Gerard Rush and Marcus Martinez.

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