Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Swing Quest is coming....10 reps at time! My latest 10 x 10 rest ladder

It was just me and Andrea at Sunday morning practice so I had to drag her into demonstrating my latest 10 x 10 rest ladder/"side by side" workout!

In this workout Andrea completes 14 sets of 10 reps at equal work to rest ratio (15 sec work/15 sec rest), while I ladder up equal work to equal rest sets of ten.  Here how it looks on paper:

1 10 rep set (15 sec work/45 sec rest)
2 10 rep sets (1 x 15/15 + 15/45)
3 10 rep sets (2 x 15/15 + 15/45)
4 10 rep sets (3 x 15/15 + 15/45)

In total I complete my 10 x 10 in 7 minutes.  Follow along with me, or follow along with Andrea, OR better yet, recruit a friend or family member to work along with you, "side by side"! (

I'll be leading my second event of "The Swing Quest 2014" next Sunday, March 30 from 7:00am-8:45am approx.  More details to come soon about this event and the next ones....

In the mean time here are a few links to past blog posts about The Swing Quest:

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