Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday 10 x 10

Thursday mornings is a super heavy swing workout that I program in progressive cycles lasting 4-6 weeks (give or take a week!).  Last week we started week #1 using a combination of double bells and a single bell that weighs the equivalent of the two lightest doubles.  I also decided, this time around, to add in the intermediate double bell size, which is a 14kg for me and Bren (12, 14, 16, Maribel 10, 12, 14).

Each swing workout is approx 30 min and I've been using my 10 x 10 template for the last one as well as this one.  That means that there is at least equal rest between work sets (sometimes more, like an extra minute between 10 x 10's) UNTIL we get closer to our max effort.  It is not unusual to start adding "work into rest" one rep at a time during some of those rounds of 10 x 10's


Maribel and I video taped our last round of 10 x 10's hopefully for you to pick up your bell (s) and give it a go! Double kettlebell swings are an advanced skill and I'm not promoting you try them, or do them without a strong established practice.  I rarely, if ever, swung double kettlebells the first three years of my training.  I'l write more about the differences another time, but you can easily use only one bell and do two hand swings, or you two different size bells and alternate, as we did.

Enjoy!  Whatcha got better to do with 5 minutes of your life?

Here was our exact swing workout this morning.

10 x 10 double 12kg's
10 x 10 double 16kg's alternating single 16kg
10 x 10 double 16kg's
10 x 10 double 16kg's alternating single 24kg
10 x 10 double 14kg's
10 x 10 double 12kg's alternating single 24kg (video of this last round)

600 swings, 30 minutes.

Last week

10 x 10 dbl 12's
10 x 10 dbl 16, single 16
10 x 10 dbl 16 single 24
10 x 10 dbl 16, dbl 14's
10 x 10 dbl 14's dbl 12's
10 x 10 single 16, single 24


Hanneke said...

Hi Tracy,

I made my first pressure cooker meal today. I bought a Fagor Duo.
So the first meal I made was a recipe from your site from February 24 2013. I followed the recipe very precise.
It turned out very watery. It's ok but basically tastes like everything is infused with water? Could you point me to what went wrong?
I understand that I have a learning curve so I'm not too worried.

Hanneke said...

Ok I made a chili after that. Just my own old way but it turned out really good. I guess I just need to practise a lot.
First recipe was probably too long.

Hanneke Schiffleger said...

Ok last comment. I made you Dec 23 2008 recipe and it was super good. I made other stuff too and I seem to get the hang of it.

Thanks! :)