Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Swing Quest 2014 10 x 10's

This first video is the fifth round of 10 x 10's done at the beginning of The Swing Quest 2014.  If you tried the previous four I hope you noticed the progression from two hand swings to more and more one hand swings. In this last 10 x 10 we practice the next one hand swing progression that will start The Swing Quest's next event, 5 one hand swings R, transfer to 5 one hand swings L, transfer back.

Technically you complete 4 one hand swings and transfer to the other hand on the fifth rep, and repeat on the other side.  We always transfer back to the starting hand because we will start to piece swing combinations together for longer and longer sets.

Here is the workout in shorthand;

5 R, 5 2 hd
5 L 5 2 hd
5 R, 5 2 hd (touch the handle)
5 L, 5 2 hd (tth)
5 R, 5 2 hd (tth)
5 L, 5 2 hd (tth)
5 R/ 5 L (touch the handle four times, switch hands on the fifth rep and repeat the other side)
5 R/ 5 2 hd (tth)
5 L/ 5 2 hd (tth)
5 R/ 5 L

Okay, so there you go!  You have successfully transferred from one hand to the other!  On March 30, The Swing Quest 2014's next event, we will quickly review all of the swing progressions from this point, 2 hd swings, two hands to one, one hand to two hand swings, and finally onto 5/5 one hand swings!  I will add more and more one hand swings to The Swing Quest's first five rounds of 10 x 10's posting them in order for you to practice!

In the mean if you would like to practice them individually again, or for the first time, here they are, in order from #1-#4

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Tracy Mangold said...

Looking forward to it! I missed the first one this year. Darn. But I will be along for the ride this time around! :)