Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday Training

Before I get to my KB Sport practice I have to say that I love being back on my regular swing schedule!  Tuesday mornings I lead a one hour class that starts with 30 solid minutes of interval swing training!  We finish the next half of the hour with other kettlebell skill practice for about 15 min., and then a kind of "open workout" for the remaining 10-15 min.  Half of my class only stays for the first part, mostly because of work schedules, but then I'm sorry to say that the attendance in my Tuesday morning class has dwindled down to only 3 after that, including me for the second half!  I'm guessing a few issues.  #1 I never have promoted any of my classes.  #2 for some reason a lot of people think 6:00am is early?  #3 My class is hard.  Oh well, their loss.

Since my attendance is down to basically me, Meg and Brenda I decided to increase the swing workout to 40-45 min.  We girls can handle a few hundred more reps, so it's fine by us.  Keeping with a ballistic theme we ended the last 15 minutes with light and long snatch pacing sets.

5/5 (30/30)
6/6 (30/30)
5/5 + 6/6 (1 min/30)
7/7 (30/30)
6/6 + 5/5 (1 min/30 sec)
7/7 + 6/6 + 5/5 (1.5 min/1 min)
5/5 + 6/6 + 7/7 (1.5 min/1 min)
14/14 + 12/12 + 10/10 (3 min set)

14 min., 224 12kg snatches

We did Give and Take #2 with some super advanced options for extra reps.  900 reps w/14kg total. (for me, probably another 120 for Meg and Bren, and with different size bells)

On to some GS practice for me.

After all my travels and time away from serious progressive training for my next meet (Feb 2014) it's been forever since I jerked the 16kg for reps so I thought I should, maybe, find out how much I suck.  I'm writing out of frustration really, so please excuse me.

Based on some recent sets I have done with the 12kg and the 14kg I decided 25/25 jerk reps should be doable.  Wrong.  Without putting myself down I'm simply going to say that the set did not go as planned.  One of the PT's at the studio I work at decided to walk and stand right in front of me, blocking my view from the mirror (which I was using), and that just accelerated my frustration and I gave up, throwing the bell down after only 18 reps.  I really can't comment anymore about what a sad sad state of strength and technique my 16kg jerk has deteriorated to so I'll end it here and post the video (above).

My swing/snatch set was barely better.  Whatever.  40/40 16kg  Here is the video.

Would I like to post some amazing sets?  Sure.  But this is my real life, today, taking everything else I do into consideration.  Either way I'm not ever going to quit.  Quitting is not an option.

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