Sunday, December 8, 2013


It's Sunday morning here in Israel, and probably around 10:00pm, Sat. night, back in California.  Mark and I arrived in Tel Aviv on Wednesday afternoon, and time seems to be flying by much too quickly.  Our time here started with work obligations on Thursday so not much sight seeing, and sad to say that a mistake in our departing flight will not leave much time for sight seeing before we have to leave on Tuesday morning.

Long story short, before I go on, is that our departing flight leaves at 1:00am Tuesday, which looked on our itinerary to be "Tuesday night" at 1:00, BUT 1:00 is AM, not PM so we leave "Monday night", but actually Tuesday morning.  We tried to change it in order to stay at least one more night but taking all possibilities into consideration it was not going to work out both in flights, money and time away from work.  This means that we will only have Monday to travel to Jerusalem, leaving behind any other parts of this beautiful country.

I have very little pictures to share because most of our time has been spent indoors, and surprisingly apart, and when we are together Mark is busy teaching TH - Sunday (today).  Personally I have spent my time doing a little shopping, teaching swing programming, hanging out at the Cert, and oversleeping while my poor husband is working his butt off!  I was also able to go to a yoga class Friday morning and thought I might spend more time catching up on my business, my blog and facebook.  Where has the time gone?

The first morning I was here Mark had speaking engagement and I didn't have anything scheduled until 6:00 that evening (swing workshop).  That left me some time to do one of my favorite things, go to the local market!  I was on a mission for fresh spice blends and dried fruits, which I was made aware that are some of the special foods of this country.  With the help of my hostess, Liat, she knew exactly where to take me, Eden market.  

Eden market is like Whole Foods on steroids!  (probably not a good analogy)  Even in a country where the quality and freshness of foods is likely to be better than ours there is still consciousness about organic and unprocessed foods, and also like practically every other place on the face of the earth there are plenty of junky processed foods.  

As soon as you walk into Eden market it's overwhelming.  The bulk section is at the front of the store and includes spices, teas, dried fruits, beans, rices, grains and so much more.  Then comes the produce.  Not a huge selection like we are used to because most of it is local and seasonal.  A small lunch counter serving fresh soups, salads, kabob, hummus is in the center of the store.  Behind is the olive bar, cheese and meat counters, and of course, the bakery. The selection of breads is nothing short amazing.  

I want to write more, but other than the market, the Cert, a couple of swing workshops, a few fabulous dinners out there is not much more I have time to share right now.   I do want to add that it is an entirely different experience than our last trip to Italy and Croatia, and I hope to have time to elaborate, if not before I leave as soon as I get home.  I hope we can come back soon, it's been an amazing experience.

Photo top: bulk spices at Eden.  Middle photo: SFG female candidates, Maren Kravitz, Tzvia Ben-Shamon, and I.  Bottom photo: the best med "rare" burger I've ever had at Moses Burger in Tel Aviv (beef, lamb and veal).

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