Friday, December 13, 2013

It's Just the Beginning. 10 x 10 the next series.

I have been overwhelmed with the response to my latest 10 x 10 workouts!  The amount of support and excitement I've received via emails, messages and comments privately and publicly has been such a nice surprise.  Really, I had no idea how the first video would be received because truly I was a little irritated when I shot it, and I had to run it by Mark first to ask if it was okay to post!

So here we are now.  Many people did indeed start up a program, by finding some relief in my message of consistency, not long workouts, high reps, and big numbers.  Some for the very first time, while others found motivation to start again. Consistency and inclusion is what I want to promote.  Anybody and everybody can start to change their condition of health, fitness, strength and shape of their body right now, and it doesn't take much, it just takes something!  I do have some long term 10 x 10 plans, but let's worry about now, not 6 months from now! 6 months will come, whether you do something or not, so please, join us in moving in the direction of improvement.

This next 10 x 10 and the 9 to follow will focus less on strict interval training, and more on the importance of successfully completing your sets and reps with crisp and concise movements.  I've got to get to work so I'll simply leave you with the next video to follow along to, where I explain a bit more about taking longer rest periods between sets.  There are a number of reasons why someone might need more rest, and reasons to purposely take more rest whether you think you "need" to or not.  This video demonstrates and takes you through your 10 sets of 10 with twice as much rest, working with 15 seconds of swings to 30 seconds of recovery.  For some even a longer recovery may be in order and I will be posting more about that to come.  If you are used to training with equal work to rest then use this interval ratio with a heavier bell OR concentrate specifically on making each and every swing rep perfectly powerful with a moderately heavy bell.  Gotta go.....I'm late for work!  Enjoy!

PS  I just wanted to explain my low energy at the start of this video....I had already done my own workout that consisted of a 10 x 10 w/36kg thinking I was going to post that video but I forgot to press the video start button.  I didn't plan on re-taping another 10 x 10 so I was beat, add in a freezing cold garage gym and jet lag.....but I did it! 

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