Wednesday, December 25, 2013

On the Tenth Day of Christmas Transformation....a Kettlebell, of course!

Was it ever a mystery that a kettlebell would be part of our transformation?  I'm not going to write a long post about it, only to remind you all, again, why my story is not one of weight loss, but of a true, inside out, complete transformation.

I found a couple more "before" pictures, and the one I'm posting today was not taken when I was at my heaviest.  It was taken in 1999, I was 36 years old, and I believe I was 220lbs at the time (a mere size 18!).  When I look at this picture I remember the emptiness and loneliness I felt inside.  To be honest as I look at this image of myself forcing a smile I don't see any life in this woman, no joy, no pride, only discomfort.  Who was she?  I should have been having the time of my young life, but that wasn't the case. 

My weight limited me in ways that I didn't notice too much in my everyday regular life, but away from home I was completely uncomfortable, embarrassed and sad.  Sad that I couldn't be me, I wasn't "me".  Sad that I couldn't experience or participate in some things, and instead feeling like I had to hide, or try to hide underneath large clothing and pretend that I didn't care, or that I didn't notice.  When I looked in the mirror I never recognized who or what I saw, and in fact many times it was hard for me to believe that was what I looked like.  I wasn't one of those people who after I lost the weight would ever say "I still see a fat person" because I never felt like a fat person, but I was, and I certainly looked like it. I was always running from the camera or tucking myself behind other people in photos, and that is a big reason why I have so few before pictures!  Seriously I wish I had a hundred, but I only have a handful.  The only ones I couldn't get away from were some of these vacation photos.  Okay, enough about that.

When I started my diet I knew I was going to lose the weight, and I knew I was going to lose 100lbs.  What I didn't know was that afterwards I would be more proud and in love with my body than I had ever imagined anybody could be.  We are told to love ourselves, of course, but what does that mean?  Does that mean to settle for less than we want because we think something else is not possible?  Does that mean to accept things about our lives we are too lazy or spoiled to change and embrace bad behaviors?

I never thought I could have muscle tone because I never had it, ever, in my life.  Not even when I was 20!  Why would I think I could have it when I was 40-something?  An athletic shapely body was not in my genetics.  Those body types/shapes belonged to the "lucky" ones.  What I failed to recognize was that those muscular and lean bodies are on athletic people!  And being able learn very skilled, but not difficult, athletic movements I saw my physical body come to life....for the very first time ever.   

I always say that if there was something better then I'd be doing it!  What I mean by that is, if there were some other "exercise" that I could do that combines strength, power, cardio endurance, cardio strength, lean muscle, along with the kind of confidence having all of those things brings, then I would be doing it, really, I would.  With very little commitment of time and money I completely transformed my physical body, and nothing else that I could have done, at that age and at my weight (at the time still 200lbs), I'm convinced, could have done it faster, if at all, ever.  AND if it weren't for the amazing results I earned through training kettlebells consistently I would have lost interest and given up, and who know where I would be today?  Maybe still blaming my genetics?

There is so much help for you right here on my blog and on my facebook page The Swing, and it's all free! Sure, I have some great DVD's and a great book, but really, the studies have been in. If one person can do it, then it can be done!  And once you know how that one person did it then what's holding you back?  Only you can answer that.

For the past ten days (or so) I've written and suggested a 10 things that helped to remind me of who I want to be (stay), who I really am underneath some lazy habits that aren't moving me in the direction I want to go, or move me as quickly as I'd like!  And that's all they are, lazy habits that I can turn around and change on a dime.  I won't be that woman that hides, that is a big thing for me to remind myself of these days....(more about that another time)

I didn't come here to hide, I came to fly....
..I mean, I came to swing!  What about you?  Now is the time.

If you need to buy a kettlebell you will find a link in the side bar of this blog for Rogue brand kettlebells.  These are cast iron bells that are of the best quality, especially for the price.  In The Swing I explain the best way to choose a size and weight appropriate for you, but here is a short Youtube video I did right after my book was released:

I also happen to like the bells from GoFit.  They are plastic covered in different colors and you can find them on ebay or Amazon.  I'm also totally fine with bells fromTarget, although just as expensive, but you can drive down and buy one immediately, as opposed to ordering one.  The only thing you have to check for with Target bells is that the handle does NOT have a seam underneath, so grab hold and feel to make sure that it's smooth.

If you already own bells, then maybe for this 10th day of Transformation you can treat yourself to a size you don't own yet, OR get a second bell and try double bell movements!  A couple of my DVD workouts use a double bell option for more advanced training that is really really hard!  And when I say hard, I mean fun!

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