Saturday, December 14, 2013

"10" days 'til Christmas, Ten Days Towards Transformation, Now's the Time

It's December 15 and that leaves 10 days until Christmas.  Inspired by my own 10 x 10 workout I decided it might be a good idea to expand on the theme of "10" and the title of my first 10 x 10 workout which is "Now's the Time".  I've always believed that if we are not moving towards health we are moving away from it, so I'd like to invite you to use these next 10 days until Christmas to move towards it.  10 gifts we'll give ourselves, one a day, to set up the habits of becoming our best self, the kind of persons we know we truly are.  The best gift will come Christmas morning with the motivation that may have lacking because we'll be ready!  Ready and together we will see an entire new way to look at life and we will have in place the tools to help make the changes, step by step, swing by swing.

Today, the first day starts with the gift of a Food Journal.  It doesn't have to be fancy, it doesn't even have to cost any money, it could be a writing tablet you have laying around the house, but it has to be one that you physically hand write.  You don't have to start keeping it now, if you don't want to, or if you're not quite ready, but you will put in place in order to start moving towards your transformation.

I plan on posting my actual food journal for the next ten days as an example of how I keep mine.  Yes, my actual daily accounting, so I better improve on my hand writing!  The day after Christmas I'm going to invite you to post yours here on my blog, via comments, and I hope to give you some incentive to participate with a Giveaway!  (although your best self is actually the prize!)

Tomorrow and everyday after for 10 days I will post another gift suggestion to help us both move in the direction of healthier life.  Now is the perfect time.  So many years we give up during the Holidays, letting ourselves fall victim to what we feel are obligations to overeat, but this year can be, and will be different.

I've got a big workout scheduled this morning and I have to get going.  When I get home this afternoon I'll elaborate on Food Journalling, the how's and the why's.  Are you with me?  Oh, and I'll also share with you why this is my time too!  My time for a transformation of my own, again.  I'm so excited, now's the time.

photo above right is the one I bought for $4.99.  I like it's elastic band that lets me open it up to my daily page that I'm journalling.

photo above center is yesterday's entry.  I didn't plan on posting it so it's a bit messy, my next posts will be more clear :)


Tracy Mangold said...

As always, you are inspiring. I started food journaling again this week and I was very good. I planned to keep my calories between 1200-1500 this week and I did just that. Friday was my high calorie day so today I am back on the schedule. Been walking about two miles almost every day and training with my swings every other day. Got 220 swings in right before midnight last night. Shoveling snow this week didn't hurt either!! :) I'm feeling tons better and your timing with these posts and encouragement comes at a fantastic time. Thanks, Tracy. :)

Lindsay Price said...

This is very timely and I hope I am able to listen fully. You have been a inspiration for learning and improving my work with kettle bell (I bought myself a 16kg for my birthday). It's become my favourite exercise and I'll be swinging after I finish writing this. It makes me feel so strong. But I am sad and disappointed in myself when it comes to food. I'm the prime example of "You can't exercise your way out of bad eating habits." The issue is not what I eat but how: I don't track and I over eat. It's so frustrating - I know the issue! It's so easy to write down. And yet I resist, resist, resist tracking what I eat. I know it's what I have to do, and I don't. It's ridiculous. I read your post, pulled out a journal and wrote down my breakfast. Now is the time.

Tracy Reifkind said...


It's awesome having supportive friends, isn't it?

Tracy Reifkind said...


Thank you so much for your comment :) Master SFG Dave Whitley is kind of known for saying "You can't out-snatch a donut!" And don't I know it! I hope to be writing more and more about this craziness of "wishful thinking". It's less about "tracking" and more about consciousness.

We'll get there, I promise.