Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sock Sleeves/ Gloves/ Hand Care. Over the hump and cruising into day 6.

Day 6, we are over the hump and starting to get, starting to feel, serious!  There may be many people around us choosing to lose control, and giving in to the holiday overeating smorgasbord, but we've decided to not play a part in it.  Nope, we've got a plan, and we are focused on other things, and just wait!  Instead we are putting things in place, and in the process staying true to who we really are, who we really want to be regardless of the chocolate fudge, gingerbread, fruitcake, and peppermint bark that surrounds us...or is that just me?

The one and only, single drawback I can think of about training kettlebells is the potential for beating up our hands.  This kind of "high volume" training can be murder on our poor paws.  Our hands are kind of important in order to hang on to the bell!  There is almost no way around the pain of callus build up, and maybe even blisters, without regular care.

Years ago I came up with a simple idea to relieve the pain of new callus formation on the palms of my hands from practicing so many kettlebell swing reps.  Here is my original blog post about the origination of the "Tracyrif Sock sleeve"  

It's an article still included in the Strong First Girya Kettlebell Instructor Course Manual.  I'm also including a short Youtube video I posted last year about how I updated how I currently make and use the cut off tops of socks as a quick, inexpensive solution to those nasty "barnacles" that regular and consistent kettlebell training can produce.

BUT, I have to admit I've changed my tune about the use of gloves!  Way back in "the day" (2005) the use of gloves was looked down upon as kind of a pansy ass way of protecting hands. Having soft hands was looked upon as a kind of weakness. Other excuses were that gloves interrupted the kettlebells ability to pivot correctly in the hand, and that using them delayed feedback when performing kettlebell movements.  I'm over it, and I now suggest the use of gloves.

For most people the type of training that will be done is for basic strength, conditioning and overall improvement of fitness and health.  Some gloves are fine.  Also for some people their profession relies on their hands, and broken and bloody blisters are just not acceptable and would truly interrupt how they make a living.  You have to decide for yourself.  

One thing I do know from experience is that I could take care of my hands better, but I'm lazy.  Sloughing off dead skin and build up on a regular basis with the help of a pumice or file greatly reduces callus.  (if you chose not to wear gloves). Moisturizing after each treatment is also very important, especially if you use chalk.

As I talk about in the short video, I buy children's sock from a discount department store like Marshall's.  Children's socks are smaller and fit tighter, but they are also made of lesser quality materials because they are not made to last as long as adult socks.  I find Nike kids socks (boys dept) come in lots of fun colors as well as black and white.  Usually the cost about $1 a pair.  I know it can feel difficult to cut a brand new sock in two, but trust me, you'll get over it!  

Whoops, I almost forgot! This foot file available at Sally's Beauty Supply is one of THE best I've ever used (and considering I was a professional manicurist for over 25 years I think that's a pretty high recommendation!) It's great for your hands AND feet!  And it's cheap!,default,pd.html?cm_vc=SEARCH

I'm totally open to any of your suggestions, feedback or comments to your experience.  Thank you!

Food Journal for Tuesday/Wed

Pretty straight forward on Tues, but Wednesday?  Well...  It's been a very long time, weeks actually, since I ate too much candy.  (I love candy)  If I don't have it in the house I don't eat it, but sometimes I choose to ignore my rule of "if you buy it you will eat it, so DON'T buy it!".  In this case we were given a pound of See's Candy Nuts and Chews...this person obviously trusted that I was an adult....oh well.  Anyway.  A dozen or so Nuts and Chews later....  I do have to admit they were seriously yummy though, and I did leave the other half of the box intact!  

And then to add insult to injury I threw the baby out with the bath water later that afternoon when I took my granddaughter for ice cream! (frozen yogurt actually) It was fine, I'm acting dramatic! Today was a great day and I'm able to look back on yesterday and not feel badly in any way.  I have nothing to feel bad about.


KrisR said...

I use the sock sleeves every time I swing. And I've referred dozens of people over to your youtube so they can use them too!

10x10 restart today after a deload week. Felt good to be back swinging.

Thanks for all you do Tracy.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Every time I guest teach I take extra pairs with me and always hand them out, because I know at least one person is going to need them!

I'm loving this 10 x 10 Project especially as I get more and more comments, messages and responses like yours! So thank you! You guys are doing the work, keep it up is all I ask.

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Every time I guest teach I take extra pairs with me and always hand them out, because I know at least one person is going to need them!
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