Friday, August 16, 2013

Who Needs Cake?

I had a wonderful time at Williams Sonoma this afternoon attending Laura Pazzaglia's pressure cooking demos and more about that in the very near future (recipes too!)  I invited one of my students along to join me, Deepika, and I'm so glad she came!  It's so much fun sharing things I love to do and believe in with my friends.  Speaking of things I love to do and believe in...  Deepika is also competing tomorrow!  I know, cool huh?

Don't think I've just been laying around waiting for the "big day" (the second one this month!). I decided to treat the day in a regular kind of way, and truth be told I couldn't think of anything else I could do at this point except business as usual....kind of.  I decided to NOT go to yoga.  I found it a difficult decision to make, until I made it.  I tend to over stretch during yoga (believe it or not!), and over exercise in general, but since becoming a competitor the day before an important competition is not the time to take chances or tray and add any junk miles.  Rest and recovery #1.  Speaking of the second big day....

Tomorrow, August 17th.  A day that I've been looking forward to since my very first competition back in February.  I was thrilled to find out Orange Kettlebell Club was hosting a home competition here in the Bay Area during my 50th birthday month!  Even more motivation to set some training goals to celebrate this wonderful time in my life!  And joining me are some very close and special athletes!  My own students and training partners!  I have seven rookies registered for their first Kettlebell Sport competition, and fingers crossed, not their last...but it's perfectly fine if it turns out not to be their cup of tea.  I'm just full of joy and appreciation that they are sharing this day of craziness with me.

I will never ever forget this birthday!  Oh...and I never did buy a cake!  Who needs cake when you've got friends like these?  I mean...who needs cake tomorrow when you've got friends like these!  Because cake is coming!  Sooner or later, cake is coming!

Happy 50th birthday month to me!

picture above was taken as everybody started singing Happy Birthday to me right after our swing workout "The New 50".  Six of these seven bad ass students of mine are competing tomorrow!  (the 7th...well, it's just a matter of time!)  L to R Marci (she's next, lol), Andrea, Maribel, Melisa, James, Deepika and Meg.


reshandabilly said...

Your zest for life comes through in your writing each time I read and it always makes me smile :)

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