Sunday, August 4, 2013

Birth Day, Fruit Day

Somehow, this year, I felt as if my birthday started on Friday!  A birthday weekend to kick off a birthday month! Interestingly enough I haven't once thought about a cake!  Birthday cake is probably my #1 favorite dessert in the world (as long as it's a corner piece with an extra start!) But this year it's been all about fruit!

It's really easy to be lulled into a false "calorie" sense of security when it comes to fruit.  A lot of time some of us may confuse the low calorie count of vegetables to also include fruit.  Don't I wish?  Man....if only that were true.  I had to come to grips with the reality of the calorie count of fruit long ago.  Now my rule of thumb is 1 pound, 16 oz., = 400 calories.

You could technically buy an Asian pear, or apple, that weighs an entire pound, and it may be slightly less calories, or you could buy a mango or banana weighing slightly less, and equal more calories!  But for me, if I keep this little rule in mind as I shop I'll weigh out my grapes, my cherries my figs, or what I decide I want to eat, and never purchase more than one pound at a time....unless it's my birthday!

Today has pretty much been an all fruit day with no guilt!  I ate numerous nectarines, a handful of apricots, the last of my green figs (I gave a lot away too), at least 1 pound of grapes....goodness I've denied myself grapes far too long!  Grapes!  Can you believe it?  I did buy a melon, but it sucked and I threw it away! What's up with the melons these last few years?  $6 down the drain (or should I say in the trash!).  I will not eat bad tasting fruit!

Tomorrow, my actual birthday, I plan of pressure cooking some apricots and nectarines to add to oatmeal, and freeze the rest for future oat and yogurt meals!  I'm sure I'll buy, and eat, cake at some point, but for now I will enjoy my fruit without any guilt!

I found this Facebook page about Fruit Day!  More fruit lovers?
Count me in!


Maribel said...

I can eat fruit all day, every day! Aren't we so lucky here in sunny California to have access to such great produce? Happy Birthday!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Well, I certainly did! We Californians are lucky in numerous ways! Did you have any interesting fruit on your vacation?