Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy Accident

I really don't know why more athletes and trainers don't video tape their workouts.  But in their defense I would never have started if it were not for blogging!  Goodness!  Back in "the day" (2006-07) when I started my original blog and I wrote about my diet and workouts, it took maybe an entire year before I posted some video, taken with my Cannon camera (with a 3 minute video limit AND no sound) only to demonstrate some of what my workouts looked like, to then actually speaking my first words on camera!  LOL!  And I distinctly remember one of the first comments I got that  complimented me on having a nice voice!  It was then I became a real person!

During these years I was lucky enough to be able to assist at a few RKC weekends when Mark was teaching, and I routinely suggested to new Instructors to "become their own first clients" by video taping themselves and their skills in order to either make corrections, or to be able to demonstrate correct form and technique!  Become your own first client!  If, as a trainer and coach, you cannot correct your own form and technique, how on earth can you correct someone else?

Fast forward....
You are not a are not even in the business of health and fitness, but you ARE an athlete of some practice wanting to improve.  Video tape your workouts!  I can't tell you how many times I see imbalances in my fellow yogis as I go through my own practice standing behind them (you will almost always find me in the back row!).  Having a regular yoga practice that depends on correct posture can greatly, greatly, benefit from taking some video of your practice, in front, from the side and even behind.  Quit being shy!  Don't you want to know what you really look like?

In this day and age you can set up your phone to take video!  Don't think you should be embarrassed, and ask your spouse, your kids, or your teacher, and set up a camera!  It's not a big deal!  You are not being egotistical, you are simply wanting to improve and be the best you can!  I only know this because of the happy accident of blogging!  Enjoy!

Enjoy becoming your own best coach!  Enjoy the process of seeing, identifying and changing your weaknesses into your strengths!


Susan K said...

That reminds me. I did video some of my swing sets yesterday. Hadn't looked at them. (I don't video the entire workout because, erm, no way. But I did video some sets just to check form.)

Have watched now. Seeing stuff to work on. Will compare them to people will killa form, and that great new video of SFG technique standards. Methinks I need to pay attention to packed shoulders in the swings.

Tracy Reifkind said...


You always see things to work on or to do differently! That's the point! With all of the experience I have and Mark has, the two of us routinely see things in workout videos that need adjusting! If you are an athlete and you think nothing could use improvement or be improved then, wow! I don't know what to say about that!

As far as packing shoulders. I confess I have not watched the video, but one hand swings are the biggest culprit, next to snatches! It's easy to get lazy about keeping your shoulder packed on the descend of a high volume snatch workout because the nature of high volume intervals is to stay on pace and on the a fatigued state. It's the only time I've messed up my shoulder! (Luckily not too badly, but it caused me to pay better attention!)

Susan K said...

Well, and the other thing about video is the comedy value. Toward the end of the workout, I thought, Right, I'll try that Roundabout routine that Tracy was demo-ing. Lessee, how's it go? two hands, transfer, right, transfer, two hands... okay, seems easy enough.

And then I proceeded to transfer to the right and do an OUTSIDE the body swing, kinda like the figure 8s. Whaaa? no THAT is not what I was gonna do. That loveliness was all caught on video.

Tracy Reifkind said...


DO NOT take out a knee! That would not be a good thing! lol

I hope to post more about the Roundabout soon. It's fun! I promise!