Monday, August 26, 2013

That Freaking Jerk!

It seems as if it's been forever since I posted anything about my kettlebell training considering what a big part of my life it is.  So many great swing routines I haven't had time to journal, so many great insights about improving my training I have not had time to journal and, really the biggest change, having the opportunity to attend a two day Kettlebell Sport Instructor Certification taught by Master of Sport International Class, World Champion Dennis Vasiliev.  Where has time gone?  Oh yes, it could have something to do with my husband's total knee replacement surgery two days afterwards!

I posted my snatch set from last weekend competition right away because my skill and endurance for completing the 10 min. snatch needs not much explaining.  I love the snatch, I'm good at snatching a kettlebell, and with more practice at the technique for GS snatching I'm not worried in the least that I will, some day, be able to express my true potential for that lift.  The jerk however....  That freaking jerk!

It is a fact that I successfully completed a personal record for the 16kg jerk on my L side (kind of). But looking at the video (of which this is only the second time I have had the courage) it's clear that my judge was extremely generous.  With that being said, I promise to focus deeply on not letting that son of a bitch jerk freak me out anymore!

My IPad ran out of storage space (another story), so the video above is most of my set, which ended up lasting just over 7 minutes, 71 jerk reps.

Days before this competition I realized that lasting the entire 10 minutes was not my first priority.  My first priority was my rep count.  How long that was going to take me was irrelevant.  My training set me up for a goal at 70-80 reps.  I completed 71, 36 L, 35 R (or something like that). I also decided, three days prior, to start with my left hand instead of my right.  The explanation for that decision I'll leave for a different blog post, but still I feel it was in my best interest to start with my "less strong" side.  Giving up on the entire 10 minutes?  Hmm..."giving up"?  Hmm...still thinking about that.  Or should I think about it as simply my strategy for rank?  Ego in one way for ego in another, or maybe not ego, just a solid placement. 71 16kg jerks is ego deflating enough, but the bottom line, and I'm not complaining, I'm just explaining (lol), is that I've been training this sport for about 6 months and I'm over the moon with what my consistent and committed training has produced, how could I not be?  Rank 1 in biathlon for my first meet with the 16kg is not anything to feel bad about AT ALL.

I learned a ton, even though that 'tonwas actually very small nuances that will make very big differences, in the 2 days following the competition.  I had the opportunity to learn and train with OKC's best, Dennis Vasiliev photo above), my coach John Buckley, Head coaches Jason Dolby, and Juliet Lederle during my OKC Kettlebell Sport Instructor Certification Course (which I passed by the way...anybody need training? lol). Tomorrow, Tuesday, will be my first workout in the next cycle toward CMS (I hope), Candidate for Master of Sport.  I'm not actually sure what my next goal is until I meet with my coach.  My personal goal is to bury that damn 16kg jerk.  I don't care how long it takes me (within reason of course) but it will not intimidate me any longer, I won't let it.

My next competition will be in February.  In the mean time I have plenty to keep me busy.  The Swing Quest is my priority.  Without my kettlebell swing training I would not be writing about any of this!  Without my swing training, my high volume kettlebell ballistic workouts, I couldn't even imagine being where I am now.  Lucky me I don't have to chose one or the other, I can have both....and more!  Swings, GS, and a husband with a brand spanking new knee!  What more could a girl want?


Susan Hula B. said...

You are now a KB Sport Instructor??? GoodNESS Tracy! I am sad I don't live near you!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Tracy Reifkind said...


A little birdie told me that a trip to OK next year is in the works....

Susan Hula B. said...

Whaaaat??? Who is this birdie and what did he say??? OMGoodness I would die!!! DIE!!!!!!! Please let me know when and where Tracy and I am there!!!!! WOOOT!!!!! You just made my whole month. Seriously.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Marc Howard SFG....shhh, you didn't hear it from me!

Seriously, we are planning out next years schedule and a weekend workshop was requested. It looks as if we will be able to fit it in, but when is the best weather in OK?

Susan Hula B. said...

Woohoooo! OK I did not hear that from you whatsoever!

Oklahoma weather is fickle! The Farmer's Almanac is predicting a cold and wet Winter this year. Spring could be good. The rain comes and goes but it's pretty mild....Summer can get very hot! Fall is really nice in Ok - but shoot that's a whole year away!