Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Team Tracyrif!

Another super quick post about this weekend's competition.  There are so many parts and details I don't want to overload anybody with.....because I'm a bit overloaded myself! I was so proud to have inspired (or threatened) 8 people to step on the platform for the very first time!   I just wanted to share this picture taken in hour before the meet started, when we were all fresh!  I'm claiming them Team Tracyrif, whether they like it or not!

L to R clockwise
Andrea Reyna, 8kg, 5 minute snatch 122 reps, 1st place
Maribel Medina, 12kg 10 minute snatch 185 reps, 2nd place
Deepika Goyal, 12kg 5 minute snatch 94 reps, 3rd place
James Mac Neil 16kg 10 minute snatch, 187 reps, 1st place
Brenda Tierney 16kg 5 minute snatch, 113 reps, 1st place
Meg Llyod, 12kg biathlon, 158 jerk, 164 snatch, 240 points, rank 1, 1st place
Stacy Whitney, 12kg 5 min snatch, 131 reps, 1st place, 12kg 10 min jerk 114 reps, rank 2, 1st place
Melisa Mac Neil, 8 kg 10 min snatch, 192 reps, 1st place
Tracy Reifkind, me! 16kg biathlon, 71 jerk, 187 snatch, 164.5 points, 1st place rank 1

Congratulations to all, for stepping up, claiming and committing to your training, and putting it and yourselves to the test.  I couldn't be more proud!  Really, I couldn't!


Andrea Reyna said...

I love how sassy we are in the photo!!!!

Diana said...

Everyone took 1rst place!!
Woah....that bar is set high!!

Congratulations to ALL for an awesome job!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Super sassy! Even afterwards we were all sass pots!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Pretty much. But it's not about placement as much as it is about accomplishing your own personal goals and rep count numbers.

For instance, I did a PR in my jerk set and that would have been good enough for me, and then I did a PR in my snatch set, and that would have been good enough too! My placement was the least important, ranking would be next, but personal numbers always come first!