Monday, August 26, 2013

Let's Make a Deal

At the end of the day, I take 100% responsibility for what I put in my mouth and why I put it there and how often I put it there, but I'll make you a deal.  You don't bring food to me as a "gift", and I won't bring it to you, or maybe what I'm trying to articulate is please don't bring me "extra" food, lots of extra food.  I do enough of that on my own!  I'm all about sharing a nice meal, dessert included, and I'm fine with having people over and offering many delicious options, even the option of overeating if you, or I chose to, but please let's share the experience, if we both agree to it.

There was a time when I had stronger feelings about this kind of situation.  You know, the kind of situations when someone at work brings that huge box of donuts and leaves them in the break room.  Or someone who loves to bake (but doesn't want to eat it themselves) decides it's a good idea to "off" cookies, cakes and desserts on friends and coworkers.  Or the surprise mocha latte you didn't ask for brought to you as a "thoughtful gift".  I used to use words like assaulted and ambushed to describe what it felt like for me to be put in situations like these.

I also used to call this food trash.  So much food in this country is thrown away, just plain old put out as trash because it's perishable. It just doesn't last for long and if we don't eat it all, which we can't because it's impossible, where is it to go?  This country produces something like 4000-6000 calories per person, when most of need about half of that and less.  What to do with the extra?  Well, I don't know about you, but along with the junk food I don't want to eat trash food, and I promise not to buy any for you either.

In fact if I think about all the money I could all save by NOT buying foods I don't need, or for others that don't need them I might be able to use it for something I really need that could help me and my friends....maybe I would like more bells, or another clock (maybe).  Continuing my coaching and training education, or saving money to travel to competitions, etc.!  Yep, that's what I'll do!

How I feel is under my control.  If I choose to feel 'assaulted' then it's my fault, no one else's.  I don't, and I won't, choose to that anymore.  And I for the same reason I won't feel obligated either.

What about you?  Can we make a deal?

ps cherimoyas and peaches excluded! That's it, I promise!


Diana said...

First off....I used to LOVE watching "Let's Make A Deal"! that money for a sweet pair of snow shoes!

Good post! Hospitals are NOTORIOUS for always having food around. Sales reps bring in "treats", the MD's bring in "treats", the staff brings in that "extra" loaf of blah, blah bread they baked the day before,'s non-fucking-stop! Spending an hour with my bells is so much easier than the remaining 23 hours of the day surrounded by garbage!
This does NOT include my dt dew-we know that shit is good for me! ;)

Tracy Reifkind said...


Great idea! Snow shoes! Send me a link!