Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Square One

The biggest thing on my mind these days is Mark's knee replacement surgery in one week. This time next Wednesday it should be underway and almost over with.  It's going to be life changing for him, for us, and long overdue.  Nothing is more important than being ready and prepared for his fast recovery.  That being said, I've got a small bit of business to finish up myself over the weekend.

This whole month is my 50th birthday month and that is why I was so excited to find out that the organization that I lift with, Orange Kettlebell Club (OKC), has their home competition, here in Berkeley, this Saturday, August 17th!  I will be competing for the first time with the 16kg in both the 10 minute jerk and snatch (biathlon).  As I've been posting little bits, mostly snatch videos, I haven't written too much about training my jerk because that movement has proven, so far, to be a bit of a challenge.  I suspect a couple of reasons, some personal, but most technical, and that is what I am writing about in this post.

I came to this sport already familiar with handling kettlebells, which is a good thing!  With that experience I also brought a training style not conducive to the goal GS, Kettlebell Sport, but I'm not going to get into all of the details of that.  What I am going to say is that I know what I know, but I know what I don't know!  Which is why I'm equally excited about what I have planned for Sunday and Monday following this weekends competition!  In the two days afterwards I will be attending a 2 day Certification to learn how to teach the techniques, using progressions and drills, of Kettlebell Sport!  So it stands to reason that I have to go back to square one myself, practice them, understand them, and demonstrate them in order to pass the course and qualify as an Instructor myself!  Yikes!

For me, square one with the jerk is the position of the handle across the palm of my hand. (photo above, NOT a good hand position!) This position makes me work double time, using up way too much energy in order to try and hang on, fatiguing my grip prematurely, and hitting on nerves in my hand that can't handle the load and the length of a 10 minute set easily.  But so far I have not been able to, or found the time to, or made it a priority to take the time and practice finding the right position, or getting into the right position.  Learning this position is my number one goal. I never learned it correctly with the 12kg, and I suspect I'll have to go back and start there, or maybe even with the 8kg or 10kg.  

Okay, enough about all that.  I've decided to post my 10 minute jerk set I attempted yesterday.  The set was supposed to be a 30/30 rep set done 5 x 5. "5x5" means that you jerk and hold overhead for 5 seconds, rack and hold for 5 seconds, repeat.  I was unsuccessful on my L side, but that's has to be okay because that's what it was! I can't change it!  Although I had to re-rack I continued on to complete my reps and my time.  I switched R and was successful for the remaining 5 minutes.  I will get a little more practice tomorrow, one last time, and then I will do my best to get the numbers I need to on Saturday.  I've got a plan and I'm going into Saturday's set focused on what I do know, and intend to be really proud of my results!

The snatch.  Here is also the video of my 8 minute 16kg set (77/75)  It was not as easy as I was hoping it would be, BUT I only took about 20 minutes between my 10 min jerk set and this one.  I also started this snatch set with the hand I finished my jerk set with. At the meet I will have more time to recover!  Maybe close to 2 hours in fact, not 15 minutes!

This Saturday I'll start lifting at 11:10, then again at 2:25!  Also lifting alongside me this weekend are my incredible students!  Maribel Medina, 10 minute 12kg snatch, Meg Llyod 10 min 12kg Biathlon (jerk and snatch), Andrea Reyna, 8kg 5 minute snatch, Deepika Goyal 12kg 5 min snatch, Brenda Tierney 16kg 5 min snatch, James MacNeil 16kg 10 min Snatch, and Melisa MacNeil 12kg 10 min snatch!  I'm such a proud mama!

Come out and see us lift and cheer us on!  Be there, or be square! (but not square one!)

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I can't wait to cheer everyone on!