Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday, Me and Maribel, the exact workout (approximately!), and my new schedule!

Unless someone is truly interested I'm only posting this training session to journal it, not to explain it necessarily.  I have a private blog I usually journal my own personal workouts in, using my own shorthand, but I've been a bit lazy about it for over a year, maybe two, so I thought if I made some quick posts here, it would motivate me to keep a better history.  These are my "hardstyle" workouts that sometimes include a bit of scheduled GS training.  I'm really happy to have figured out my new schedule (I think)

Sunday, completely off (unless I feel great, in which case I may decide to go to yoga)
Monday, Get ups, GS, yoga
Tuesday Hardstyle (classes and private appt., no GS)
Wednesday, GS and yoga
Thursday, Heavy HS ,including dbl snatches (Maribel and Brenda), GS, two classes and privates
Friday, yoga (NO kettlebells at all)
Saturday, high volume HS, including squats and presses, 2-3 hours, privates, GS at Juno in Berkely at 12:00noon.

Started out w/ warm up and video taping "turn up the volume"

100 12kg sw (10 x 10)
100 16kg sw (10 tr x 10)
160 16 kg sw (100 5/5 + 60 2 hd sw)

260 swings, 15 min.

transition appx 5 min.

Snatches w/16kg

warm up

12 kg 1 sw, 1 sn 1 sw x 1 minute (12 sn + 12 sw)

14 kg 1 sw, 1 sn 1 sw x 1 minute (12 sn + 12 sw)
24 sn, 24 sw

transition appx 2-4 min.

1 min/1 min all out 16kg snatches x 6 sets  half of them done with the compbell, in fact the first three done with DD bell and the last three with the comp (me and Mari went 'I go you go', picture above!).  I'm going to change it next time and alternate.  One with more speed and then straight away to the comp bell.

11 R, 10 L, 7 R = 28 (11 was probably a mistake, meaning to do 10) (Mari R17, L 16)
10 L, 10 R, 9 L = 29 (started with the left hand on purpose, even though I did not want to!) (Mari R 16, L 16)
5 R, 5 L, 5 R, 5 L, 5 R, 3 L = 28 (Mari R 16, L 16)

comp bell (30 sec R/30 sec L)

13 R, 13 L = 26 (Mari R 15, L 15)
13 R, 13 L = 26 (Mari R 12, L 13)
13 R, 14 L = 27 (Mari R 12, L 12)

164 16kg snatches, 12 min.

transition appx 2-3 min.

24kg 2 hd sw 20 sets of 10 = 200 (15/15 = 10 min)
22 kg 2 hd sw 5 sets of 10 = 50 (15/15 = 2.5 min)
20 kg 2 hd sw x 5 sets of 10 = 50 (15/15 = 2.5 min)

300 swings, 15 min.

Total workout appx 55 min.  Afterwards I said to Maribel, "I can't belive we train for 90 minutes on Saturdays!"  55 min seemed plenty tough this morning before the crack of dawn (5:30am) and in a muggy 50 degree garage!  lol

584 swings
188 snatches

I finished my own workout with my GS practice.  A couple of warm up sets (5/5 x 2 maybe) with the 8kg comp bell in preparation for my first 12 minute set at 20 RPM.  Appx 20 minutes.

120/120 8 kg snatch one hand switch at 6 minutes.

240 sn

11:00 swing class was the next on the list.  12kg appx 570 swings.

Thursday total reps
1154 swings
448 snatches

And this was a light day.

Friday is yoga and not even a little finger on a kettlebell until Saturday morning!


Diana said...

You are so's my schedule this week.
Mon: worked 12hrs.
Tue: worked 12hrs.
Wed: worked 12hrs.
Thur: 20min KB workout
Today: work 12hrs.
Tomorrow: work 12hrs.
Sunday: collapse.

If you ever (hopefully never) have to get medical care and they seem kind of crabby-you'll know why, we all have this crazy schedule!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Much, much respect! I'm going to look at my days/week completely differently and quit being such a whiney baby!

Seriously, thanks for the wake up call, and thanks for all you do for your patients (and patience!)

Maribel said...

Wow...seriously I can't believe how much "work" we get done in an hour...and at the hour we do it in! You're programming is pretty genius.

I won't give my schedule because it's insane, but this is why I choose to use KB's. I need efficient training!

Tracy Reifkind said...


You killed those snatches the other morning! (I counted them for you btw) Thank goodness you have the option of training before the crack of dawn! Training with kettlebells, or even one kettlebell is the absolute best, fastest and most efficient way to get everything! Strength, muscle (leanness), cardio, that's why it will always be my #1 workout!