Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tuesday Training

I'm still trying to make everybody happy!  Tuesday mornings at 6:00-7:00am I have a class that I teach/lead with a wide, super wide, variety of skill levels, not to mention I have my own wants and needs when it comes to training.  (lucky me)  I lead my group through a Top 40 version that was scale-able on at least 4-5 different levels, I, myself, opting for the advanced versions of more work to less rest using the 14kg.  After my 1 hour class I usually go for a 30 minute walk and off to visit some private in home clients before returning to the Studio to finish up my own training, and sometimes more 1 on 1's.  Lately I've been coming back to do a few GS sets, and/or clubbells, handstands (against the wall), etc.

But yesterday instead of going for a 30 minute walk after group training I did what I used to do, which is more kettlebell ballistics!  A "Beyond Max" 30 minute snatch workout to be exact.  Well, it was all fine until I returned to the Studio at 9:30am to complete my GS set of 50 swing/snatches with the 12kg.  My hands were fried!  Crispy and weak from these snatches;

8/8 x 10 (80) (traditional Max Vo2, 8 reps R, rest, 8 reps L, rest 15/15/15/15)
9/9 x 10 (90)
10/10 x 10 (100)
16 x 5 (80)
18 x 5 (90)
20 x 5(100)

540 12kg snatches, 30 min

really?'s been a while since I did a full 30 minutes of anything based on Max Vo2.  Needless to say that the last 5 minutes or so tore up my hands.  That's what speed work can do.  I'm not blaming it all on the speed, sure, technique has something to do with it too (as I'm learning with GS).  There was no way I could do any more training with kettlebells.  So I went for an hour long walk, doing an errand or two along the way.

Wednesday Training (video above)

This was supposed to be a day off from any kind of kettlebells.  BUT I had to get my GS training done as I'm scheduled to compete next weekend in near Seattle WA.  Some joint mobility (15 min), a comfortable walk (30 minutes) and this 50/50 rep 12kg swing/snatch set.  Whew!  so much easier than yesterday!  In fact, I couldn't even do it yesterday at all!

I was surprised at how easy it felt.  I did not switch hands for over 4 minutes, completing the 50/50 in 9 and 1/2 minutes.  It was still 100 reps R and L before switching.  Although it might not be obvious in the video, I had a couple of things I was focused on as I watched my form and technique in the mirror in front of me.

Using more of my back and not my arms, at the "right" time.  Breathing of course.  I'm just glad I got it done.

Lots of stuff going on in my life.  Lots of really positive, great things, and some really sad things.  If only "life" would just tell me what to do and I would do it! Having to figure it out on my own can feel a bit dicey, but I'm doing the best I can....or am I?

Tomorrow morning will be hell!  And when I say "hell" I mean "fun". LOL!  Sinister ladder!  Bring it.


chrystad72 said...

Wow! 540 snatches...thats awesome!! Good luck next week. You're going to do great!

Tracy Reifkind said...


my hands are still kind of chewed up...I wont be doing that again for a bit!