Saturday, April 6, 2013

I'm never bored with numbers! And I always save my favorite for last!

...unless it's tax time, lol!

Today's training was long and light.  I never picked up anything heavier than the 12kg on purpose.

warm up
2 sets x 10 2 hd swing (15/15 x 2)
1 set 20 reps (30/30)
1 set 40 reps (1 min/1 min)
4 min, 80 swings

10 min set, 40 reps per minute = 400 swings
2.5 min rest
9 min set, 41 rpm = 369 swings
2 min rest
8 min set, 42 rpm = 336 swings
2 min rest
7 min set, 44 rpm = 308 reps
2 min rest
6 min set, 42 rpm = 252 swings
2 min rest
5 min set, 40 rpm = 200 swings

59.5 min, 1945 swings

Ouch, just 30 seconds under an hour!  If I had planned it before I showed up I might evened it up, but to be honest my first plan was do to 3 sets 10 minutes long with a 2.5 min rest and play with a faster pace.  I then changed it to 10, 9, 8 and after the warm up I thought, what the hell, right? Let's take the sets all the way down to 5 minutes!  And really the reason was because I had it in my head our workout was only an hour, and then I realized it 90 minutes on Saturday! duh!

I can only do these crazy ass long sets with my two students, Meg and Maribel so too bad for them they had to ride with me this morning!  I chose the 12kg because I strained my elbow flexors on my right arm due to overuse (go figure!).  Anyway, I would love to do this workout with the 14kg, but honestly speeding the pace of the swing up as fast as I did in three of those sets with the 16kg is out of my league!  I may have been able to do almost 2000 reps within an hour with the 16kg if I took shorter rest periods, but not faster swings!

I altered my Roundabout swing progression slightly and came up with another killer combination that I will share with you soon!  But I did purposely swing more on my left arm than my right, and 50% or more of the swings were with 2 hands.  By using a version of the Roundabout I did not pay attention to rep count for the entire set, only for each and every minute did I made sure to hit my faster pace, so I counted all of the reps within each minute and then, just now, multiplied the pace by the length of the set.

On to some easy and light squats and presses, 25 min. (goblet, front squats, presses)  I knew I had to practice jerks at Juno in the afternoon, so I didn't want to do any more ballistics, and this was the only day this week I had a chance to do squats....I made my next class do them too!

8:30-9:30 Intermediate class.  Cleans, lunges, squats, swings...a few more lunges at the end.

10:30-12:00 private sessions

1:00 Juno w/John wild Buckley.  12 kg jerks, 4 sets, 2 min/2 min  15 R/ 15 L (30 reps x 4 sets)

I made my lunch to take with me knowing I'd be hungry while driving back from Berkeley at 2:30-3:30.  I don't normally eat until around 12 noon on a Saturdays, but by 12 noon I'm pretty hungry.  But I can't really eat anything heavy or that requires my body to go into digesting foods before I train!  So, coffee with cream before and after classes, a 2 oz piece of dark chocolate around 11:00.  On the dive up to Juno I had a small piece of sliced roasted chicken breast and a couple of slices of Kabocha squash.

Ahhhh....on my way home I was soooo happy to eat the rest of my lunch!  Started off with the chicken, went to the asparagus and ended with my favorite of all! The roasted squash!  Funny how we all eat out favorites in different orders!  Mark will eat his favorite first, while I always save my favorite fot last! There is some sort of phycological reason depending on your order of birth (me?  middle child, him? youngest!), and or if your family was "better off" (him) or not so much (me!)

Do you eat your favorite first?  Or last?

ps, I took a packet of mayonaise just in case I wanted to stop and buy a bread roll and make a sandwich out of the chicken, asparagus and squash!  I almost always want bread after a long day of training, but today I didn't!  I did come home and finish off the rest of the squash!  I'm a pretty happy girl after today!


chrystad72 said...

awesome!! Everytime you post a workout I cant wait to try it out! I get so excited. This morning I only managed 600 swings but it was with my 20kg. Im working on it but I got a ways to go. Its so fun and challenging though. Tomorrow Im going to try out your "ten" workout. Cant wait!

Im interested in hearing about the Roundabout Swing progression too. More fun things to work on. yey!

And by the way I always eat my favorites last! Which right now for me is roasted Kabocha with almond butter melted on top...yum!

Tracy Reifkind said...


600 with the 20kg? Super! I'm going to be working on and sharing more about the Roundabout! I've been busy! But I created the Roundabout for a specific reason and I've trained many variations of it, soon to be available via DVD!

What is your birth order? Just curious!

chrystad72 said...

oh so cool! I actually just bought and watched your "programming the Swing" I started playing around with the roundabout and really like it. Cant wait to see the new dvd too.

Im the oldest child. I have a younger sister (18 months younger) and a younger brother. =)

Mike Moran said...

I also eat my favorite on my plate last. It is a reward for eating the other stuff I don't care for as much. :)

Maribel said...

I played it safe...not sure I mentioned it, but I've never done anything over 5 minutes before. It was pretty interesting...I think I could have sped up a little bit, but I was a little scared not knowing what 10 minutes felt like. Maybe next time :D

Tracy Reifkind said...


Once you find the rhythm with the Roundabout it fun and it becomes automatic. I was honored to hear that my SFG assistant Brandon Hetzler used the Roundabout pattern of swings to complete his hur long 24kg swing set!

Really, it was an honor that someone I had never met before, and highly respected male Instructor, used my programming to complete an amazing feat!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Funny, when Mark read what I had wrote, at first, he disagreed! The difference between him and I is that I know I'm going to finish all of my food, therefore saving the best for last! Mark on the other hand doesn't care to finish everything on his plate, so eating his favorite first means he's sure to enjoy it! The rest of the stuff he can care less! lol

Tracy Reifkind said...


What? You're kidding? I've never made you do anything longer than 5 before? I could have sworn we did a 10 minute long set using 10/ fact I'm almost positive!

Anyway, congrats, and no worries, first things first. There will always be more swings coming!