Saturday, April 20, 2013

That's All She Wrote

I knew I had my last GS scheduled workout to do this morning but I hadn't figured out exactly how to fit it in. I decided to do my regular training first and end the morning, after all classes and clients, with my last set of GS, at least that was the plan.  By the time I got to it, well, that's all she wrote!

Basically my advanced high volume training was long sets and fast sets.  I used only three swing, and swing/snatch combinations (I've posted them many times in this blog.  Maybe serach Hardstyle Ventura for the examples, or Youtube for Tracyrif swing/snatch combinations)

7:00am Advanced High Volume
warm up with 12kg swings, I believe 5 sets of 20 reps (30/30)
100 swings, 5 min

warm up 30 sec snatch combinations
1 sw/ R/L x 6 x 2
1 sn/transfer x 8 x 2
5/5 sn x 2
6 min

Work sets (all sets 1 min/30 sec)
1 sw, 1 tr x 20
1 sw, 1 tr x 22
1 sw, 1 sn, 1 tr x 12
1 sw, 1 sn, 1 tr x 14
1 sn, 1 tr x 16
1 sn, 1 tr x 18 (later increased to 20)
9 min

1 sw/tr x 20 + 1 sw/tr x 22 (all sets 2 min/1 min rest)
1 sw/sn/tr x 12 + 1 sw/sn/tr x 14
1 sn/tr x 16 + 1 sn/tr x 20
9 min

1 sw/tr x 20 + 1 sw/tr x 22 + 1 sw/sn/tr x 12 (all sets 3 min/1 min, uphill/downhill)
1 sw/sn/tr x 14 + 1 sn/tr x 16 + 1 sn/tr x 20
1 sn/tr x 20 + 1 sn/tr x 16 + 1 sw/sn/tr x 14
1 sw/sn/tr + 1 sw/tr x 14 + 1 sw/tr x 20

16 min + one additional minute rest (17 min)

The last two sets combine all 6 sets in an uphill, then downhill ladder.  6 minutes work/ two minute rest in between.

1 sw/tr x 20 + 1 sw/tr x 22 + 1 sw/ sn/ tr x 12 + 1 sw/sn/tr x 14 + 1 sn/tr x 16 + 1 sn/tr x1

1 sn/tr x 20 + 1 sn, 1 tr x 16 + 1 sw/sn/tr x 14 + 1 sw/sn/tr x 12 + 1 sw/tr x 22 + 1 sw/tr x 20

14 min

Each one minute work set equals:

1 sw/tr x 20 = 40 swing reps
1 sw/tr x 22 = 44 swing reps
1 sw/sn/tr x 12 = 24 swings, 12 snatches
1 sw/sn/tr x 14 = 28 swings, 14 sn
1 sn/tr x 16 = 16 snatches, 16 swings
1 sn/tr x 20 = 20 snatches, 20 swings

172 swings, 62 snatches per 6 set rotation. (warm up + 100 swings)
7 rotations 1204 swings, 434 snatches

total workout 54 minutes, not including 12 min warm up

Onto another 20 minutes of 30/30 sec sets of cleans (bottoms up singles and doubles) presses (singles and doubles) squats (singles and doubles), 20 sets in total to finish up 90 minutes of training

Intermediate class

15 minutes of swing/clean practice

25 minutes of swing/holds

swing warm up + 2 hd sw to a goblet hold (I also call this a two hand clean sometimes)

Work sets consist of 3 sets of 10 reps with the option to put the bell down and rest OR clean and hold any way you want to.  Take as many or as few rest/holds as each individual wants to. Personally I held my 12kg bell in some sort of clean for the entire workout.

10 1 hd sw R (15 sec rest OR clean hold R)
10 1 hd sw L (15 sec rest OR clean hold L)
10 2 hd sw (15 sec rest OR goblet hold)
x 10 sets each = 15 min, 450 swing reps, 7.5 minutes of rest or holds.

Finish class with 15 minutes of lunges done 4 ways.  Completely unloaded, loaded in clean position and loaded overhead.

Time for my 9:30-10:00 coffee break!

2 hours of privates.... wonder I was unsuccessful in completing my last GS workout.  I was scheduled to do one 12 minute 12 kg snatch set, but my hands and grip were much worse off than I predicted they would be at the end of the day.  Lesson learned.  BUT I did, in fact, try to gut it out anyway focusing on technique as much as I could instead of reps/time and managed to complete 4 minutes R, only to transfer L and after 1 minute decide it was stupid to go on....I didn't give up, I gave in.  I have mixed emotions about it really.  But the bottom line is that prioritizing my training is the only way I will see any success in GS sport.  Lots to think about as I go into next weekend's competition.

Photo above; I reluctantly put the bell down after 5 minutes total.


Diana said...

At first I thought the colors you used in type were the color size of the bell...but quickly figured you're not using an 8kg for swings!

shortnginger said...

Seems sensible to me Tracy no point wrecking your hands - or there will be little if any training!
Keep up the hard work - BOOM!

shortnginger said...

Seems sensible to me Tracy no point wrecking your hands - or there will be little if any training!
Keep up the hard work - BOOM!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I think the red bell is the 32kg! I'd do the trade! 8 kg, 32kg, and 12kg! (pink red, blue)

No, I did the color coding to make it easier to see where the combinations changed. It was a good high volume fast paced workout for sure, and I can't believe how much we did in a relatively short time.

Diana said...

I love doing your swing~snatch~transfer stuff. Lots of reps in a hurry!

Tracy Reifkind said...

S and G,

I know, but as I was explaining to Mark I designed the workout around switching hands every, or every other rep thinking I could avoid high "continuous" reps. Lesson learned! I'm going to be ready for the weekend, no more F#@%ing around!

Tracy Reifkind said...


It's my favorite when I have to get both done in a short amount of time!

Maribel said...

My hands were fried after our session, so I can imagine how yours were...although you're a lot tougher than I am!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'm not that tough! I wouldn't want to meet you in a back alley, that's for sure! lol