Thursday, April 18, 2013

week 2 Sinister Ladder

Well, sometimes you never really know how things are going down! Without looking at the notes/plan I wrote last week I still had a good idea about the Sinister weight ladder for this mornings workout.  I knew all rounds done with the 20kg-32kg would be uphill (no downhill), but I couldn't remember if I also changed the size of the single bell I chose to stay with the 16kg alternating and added one more complete round. (800 lb moved for each 50 rep round, 5 rounds instead of 4 = 4000 lb)

For the weight ladder compared to last weeks 50 reps/32kg, we did 80 reps today, 50 w/28kg last week, 60 today, 60 w/24kg last week, 50 today and 80 w/20kg, today 50 reps.  So 5640 lbs moved versus 6440 in the same amount of time.  A total of 8840 lb last week, 10,440 lb this morning...and that was just the first 25 minutes!

4 more Sinister rounds alternating these two variations

5 w/16kg
10 w/dbl 16kg's
15 w/16kg
20 w/16kg

5 w/16kg
10 w/32kg
15 w/16kg
20 w/16kg

3840 additional lbs moved

on to double snatches
12kg's 100
10kg's 24


12kg jerk
48+48 (4 min/4min)  ummm....not that easy!

16kg jerk
6+6 (1 min/1min) ummm...not that easy!

16kg snatch
30/30 reps (about 3 min total) ummm...not that easy!

Yikes.  Today's practice with the 16kg reminded me of Mark's phrase;

"It's all easy 'til it's heavy!"

Ain't that the truth!  Seriously.  But maybe it had something to do with the 8 tons of weight I moved earlier?

Now I'm off to Sonora to become a "Junkie"!  Teaching class at Brandi Loyd's Junkyard Training Center in the Sierras!

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