Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fave Five #3 Swings and Squats

My Flip's batteries died before I could get some decent video on this mornings version of "Fave Five", but if you are interested in another swing/squat ladder workout....what?  What do you mean you haven't been doing squats?  Get to it!  If I've got to do them then so does everybody else!

5 sw (15 sec)
1 sw, 1 sq x 5 x 1 set (30/30)
5 sw (15 sec), 10 sw (15/15)
1 sw, 1 sq x 5 x 1 set (30/30)
5 sw (15 sec), 10 sw (15/15), 15 sw (45 sec)
1 sw, 1 sq x 5 x 1 set (30/30)
5 sw (15 sec), 10 sw (15/15), 15 sw (45 sec), 20 sw (30/30)
1 sw, 1 sq x 5 x 1 set (30/30)
5 sw (15 sec), 10 sw (15/15), 15 sw (45 sec), 20 sw (30/30), 25 sw (1 min)
1 sw, 1 sq x 5 x 1 set (30/30)

12.5 minutes, 200 swings, 25 squats

Personally I did one complete rotation w/16kg, and then repeated it w/20kg

25 min = 2 rotations (400 sw, 50 sq)
37.5 min = 3 rotations (600 sw, 75 personal favorite if I were only doing swings and squats)
50 min = 4 rotations (800 sw, 100 sq...pure torture!)

So in the first version, #1, I laddered up sets of 5 swing reps (1-5 sets), alternating with sw/sq sets.  The second version, #2, I alternated sets of 25 swing reps (OTM 37.5/22.5 sec) with sw/sq sets in rotations of 4 or 5 "double sets".  In this third version, #3, I laddered up swing reps/sets followed by one set of sw/sq.

We started out the workout with swings.  I don't like to squat at 7:00am without a couple of hundred swings first!  I used the 12kg only for the warm up.

10 tr sw (15/15)
1 sw, 1 tr x 10 (20 reps) (30/30)
3/3 x 10 (30 reps, switching on 3rd rep) (45/45)
4/4 x 10 (40 reps, switching on the 4th rep) (1 min/1 min)
5/5 x 6 x 10 (60 reps) (1.5 min/1 min)
8/8 x 10 (80 reps) (2 min/1 min)
10/10 x 10 (100 reps) (2.5 min/1 min)

14 min., 340 swings

We then went on to double clean and presses, long cycle and short cycle, "I go, you go" style.
1-5 lg/cy cl pr
1-5 sh/cy cl pr
1-5 lg/cy cl pr
1-5 sh/cy cl pr
4 more sets of 5 rep sh/cy cl pr (a total of 5x5)
5 sets sh/cy pu pr
5 sets sh/cy jk

80 dbl presses, 25 dbl push presses, 25 dbl jrk (approx 20 min)

Here is where Fave Five comes in.  2 rotations, 25 min

We end with snatch volume and pace.  After a short warm up we completed the following snatch ladders using a 10 rep per 30 sec pace.

1-5 ld (30 sn, 1.5 min/1 min)
2-6 ld (40 sn, 2 min/1 min)
3-7 ld (50 sn, 2.5 min/1 min)
4-8 ld (60 sn 3 min/1 min)
5-9 ld (70 sn, 3.5 min/1 min)

250 snatch reps, 17.5 minutes.

PS (I know there were 56 swings and 38 snatches in our 5 min warm up. but who's counting?)


Kelley Riebel said...

Hi! I'm new! You have a fantastic blog & story. One question, do you have a cheat sheet forthe abbreviations?


Kelley Riebel said...

Hi! I'm new! You have a fantastic blog & story. One question, do you have a cheat sheet forthe abbreviations?


Jonathon Drushel said...


I'm having a really tough time trying to find Kettle Bells in the Kilogram variety. Most of the fitness stores around me sell them as 55 pound and I want a 24 Kg. I was wondering of you had advice or am I just going to have to bite the bullet and pay the shipping and handling.

(Eventually in the future when I have a more settled schedule and money I would like to get a trainer and look into competition).

Thank you,

Tracy Reifkind said...


Thanks for your interest for sure! My blog is my own personal training journal so I don't provide a "key" to my abbreviations as I'm trying to get the workout journaled before I forget...

In "The Swing" I have some very basic abbreviations for swing routines.

2 hd sw + two hand swing
5/5 + 5 swings R, 5 swings L (switch on the 5th rep)
tr = transfer swings


I don't use this blog to write routines for anybody, but if I post a "work along" video then I fully explain every KB movement that I planned out for that workout. I will also write the workout in my shorthand, but if you watch, then you can figure out what everything stands for.

If you ever have a specific question a particular abbreviation just ask.


Tracy Reifkind said...


No need to spend a lot for bells, but keep in mind a couple of things.

The handles can NOT have any rough edges, or "square-ish" feel. Both of these things will tear your hand apart if you practice high volume reps. The handles need to be as smooth and as round as possible. Also avoid slick paint jobs!

An average male should be using 30 lbs- 45 lbs.

14kg = 30 lbs
16kg = 36 lb.
20 kg = 44 lb.
24kg = 53 lbs

I hope this helps!

Birdrillard said...

Hi Tracy--I just finished two rounds of Fave Five #3! It was perfect. Those last two swing ladders are killer!

I'm curious about the snatch volume and pacing bit at the end--is that something that has appeared on your blog before, and with a video? I feel like I saw that or something similar here on your blog in the past...


Tuesday xx

Tracy Reifkind said...


I have been posting my snatch workouts for years, so yes, I have posted my method for training the snatch many many times. There may be, I'm sure, accompanying video, but since we have hundreds of videos posted on Youtube, where one is I couldn't say....I've got to organize those some day.

I hope to also put together a snatch workshop/DVD based on my methods and techniques as they were built from my swing progressions.

Glad you liked Fave Five! So many more ways to train it! But since I have 3 versions posted already I think I will continue variations of those before thinking of another...but you (and I!) never can know what will pop up from one of my workouts!

Miss~T said...

Hi Tracy,
would you please explain Long Cycle and short cycle? I love the workouts and thank you for sharing.