Friday, December 7, 2012

"If You Want to Be STRONG, You Have to Be Tough"

Mark's first blog post for Strong First,

"Everyone loves the idea of being strong.  In all it's many forms. Of lifting more than they have before, of running farther than before.  Of resisting that cookie or piece of cake the decided they don't want to eat. Of being able to make up their mind about something and stick with it. that kind of strength.

It ain't easy or EVERYBODY would be.  It's really that simple. The bar isn't going to lift itself.  The kettlebell isn't going to swing itself and no one but you can make you get out f bed early on a cold dark morning to make yourself do what you said you wanted to do.

You have to be tough.  And that's okay. In fact it's better than okay, it's good.  If it were too easy, everyone would have it and then it would mean less to have it.  At least to me.  When I saw Pavel's first video of the "Russian Kettlebell Challenge" these words spoke to me: "Comrades, I give you the Russian Kettlebell Challenge, for those who like it tough, and just a little bit dangerous."  I was a competitive powerlifter a the time and I knew just what he meant.  Real training, where one is really utilizing the body to the fullest is never easy, never comfortable.  Being comfortable with being uncomfortable is the first step."

I often say if it comes out of my mouth, it came out of Mark's first, but after reading his latest article it's cute that I recognize a couple, just a couple of my words coming out of his.  The idea and concept is 100% all his, of course.  I wouldn't, and couldn't be the Instructor/teacher/coach or training partner I've come to be without having access to his experience and knowledge...without a doubt!  There is not a day that goes by that I don't learn something from this brilliant man....the strongest man I know.


Hanneke said...

I read his post a few days ago. Very good, you are a lucky girl! :)) But I don't have to tell you that.

guy said...

The best of post of many great posts! In the 1st Rocky movie, where Stallone wakes up early, in a small apt, w/ no heat and gets ready to train, that speaks volumes. No Comfort Zones! Great post Ma'am!