Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Suddenly Start!

The other day I got a message on Facebook from a woman that lost her motivation to train kettlebells last year and "suddenly stopped".  She was messaging me to share with me that she has been re-inspired and can't wait to get going again.  Yay for her!

My reply was that all she had to do now was to "suddenly start"!

Why is it that it's acceptable, without much question, to completely quit things so easily?    It's almost expected that when deciding to start a new or different habit we will fail eventually?  Quit keeping score of how many times you "suddenly stopped" and focus on suddenly starting!

I was talking with Mark about visualization the other night and he was telling me how one of the methods used in the recovery of victims with post traumatic stress syndrome was to visualize a STOP sign when feelings of anxiety were coming on.  I found this to be interesting, and I thought it could be a valuable suggestion for anybody to use when wanting to change a behavior, habit, or feeling, if they felt themselves acting on, or giving into, old reactions and behaviors.....kind of like the Bob Newhart video I posted last week, "Stop It"!  Maybe I should have posted a video titled "Start It"!  So when I wrote my reply of suddenly starting I visualized a START sign!

I like this.  I will focus more on this image of a Start sign!  There is no time like the present!


Tricia said...

Quit keeping score of how many times you "suddenly stopped" and focus on suddenly starting!

Well Said!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Everyday I learn something about myself, about my life and I can't wait wait to put it into action!

Personally I never look back unless I look back to recognize how great things are right now! I have no regrets. I'm sorry for a few things...but that just means I will NEVER do them again!

Jestess said...

exactly what happened to me, I suddenly stopped training Kb's a couple of weeks ago. Overcome by an inexplicable weakness I barely manage 10 swings at a time.
Still, I guess I could have kept going with just 10 each day instead of stopping.
Made me think, off to get started again.

Stephanie Bridges said...

Tracy I loved this post. I fell off the wagon with a cold after last week and stopped. I decided now there is no reason for me to wait until January to suddenly start and I'll be swinging tommorow. Thanks for the push!

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Diana said...

My favorite is; "if you're tired of starting over, stop giving up"!

I went to a seminar for Asperger's Syndrome (the type of Autism that my son has) years ago, and the use of a "stop" sign is very popular....there's no grey issues to a stop sign, you just do it! I often wish I had his mind. There's only right or wrong, this or that, nothing else. No pissing and moaning about anything. when I trained him with kb's, I gave him the workout and he did it-no questions asked. If only I could do that 100% of the time! With everything actually!
AND in light of all the bullshit media, he does NOT have violent outbreaks! :)