Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tracyrif's Tuesday Training 16kg Snatch/Press

Here is my Tuesday workout.  I will post the accompanying "key" to the "Demo Swing Video" in my next post

Demo Swing "Key" video

320 swing reps w/12kg

Class workout

200 swing reps w/ 14kg, 10 min
530 swing reps w/16kg, 22 min

snatch warm up w/12kg

sn/tr x 8 x 2 sets (16 sn, 2 min)
sn/rk/tr x 6 x 2 sets (12 sn) (snatch "rack", or "negative press" to the rack position of a "clean")

sn/rk/tr x 6 + sn/tr x 8 x 1 set = 1 min/30 (14)

sn/rk/press/tr x 4 x 2 sets (30/30 x 2 = 2 min, 8 sn, 4 press) (snatch, "rack", press, "over the top into a transfer swing)

sn/rk/tr x 6 + sn/tr x 8 x 1 set (1min/30 sec.)
sn/rk/pr/tr x 4 + sn/rk/tr x 6 + sn/tr x 8 x 1 set (1.5 min/1 min)

I might have done some of these with the 14kg...I can't remember.....

Video above

I went on to complete a similar workout w/16kg for three rotations (video demonstrates the last rotation)

sn/tr x 8 x 1 (30/30)
sn/rk/tr x 6 x 1 (30/30) ("rk" = negative press into the "rack" position of a "clean")

sn/rk/tr x 6 + sn tr x 8 (1 min/30)

sn/rk/press/tr x 4 (30/30)

sn/rk/tr x 6 + sn/tr x 8 = 1 min/1 min

sn/rk/press/tr x 4 + sn/rk/tr x 6 + sn/tr x 8 = 1.5 min/1 min

repeat 3 times

192 snatches, 24 presses

I ended the workout with more 16kg snatches

5 reps R "on the 30 sec"
5 reps L "on the 30 sec"
5 R, 5 L "on the 30 sec"
5 rotations = 100 snatches, 7.5 min

292 total 16kg snatches, 24 16kg presses
1050 swing reps, 1 hour, 15 min approx.

Bikrams yoga @ 10:00-11:30am


Diana said...

Just did the snatch to negative press to front squat this morning!

I was memorized by the dude "rockin" that elliptical behind you-phew, I was getting tired just watching him. I hope he takes it easy now the rest of the day!
{insert sarcastic bitch tone anywhere there!}

Tracy Reifkind said...


He meets with a fellow RKC (ll) to train with afterwards...and they do minimum kettlebell work! I guess some people think 10 minutes on the eliptical is better than 10 minutes of swings...?

Diana said...

Most people hate 10 minutes of swings because it truly can and does kick your arse!
Sad, just sad that folks would rather "skate" in the air on the elliptical.

Birdrillard said...

That was fun, Tracy! I especially like the snatch-negative press-press-transfer combo! I'd love it if you did an entire DVD of snatch routines...those Fab Five ones would be great, too.

That guy should get off the elliptical and snatch! xx

Mark Blakemore said...

Diana, I was mezmorized by the "Frozen Tundra." I remember having dinner in the Presidents Box a few years ago and given the entire tour of Lambeau. :)