Monday, December 24, 2012

"24" Christmas Eve Snatches

I got to the gym a few minutes late this morning because I was wanting to post the "24" Christmas Eve Swing workout before I left, and besides I kinda needed to so I could take some notes with me since I hadn't yet done it myself!  I was met 30  minutes before class with two of my training partners, Maribel and Brenda, still trying to decide if we were going to snatch or maybe double press....snatches won!  Heavy and long...hey, maybe in sets of 24 reps?

We only had 30 minutes and we started out with my usual swing/snatch combinations with our normal training weight.  10-12 snatches with a "normal" training weight is not a big deal, in fact dare I say it's easy.  Any sets longer that 45 sec., 1 min, 1.5 min, etc and things start to get interesting.  Add in pace and it starts to get fun!

I knew I wanted to snatch at a 12 reps per 30 sec pace, 24 reps per min).,  because "24" was the theme of the morning.  I had never (ever) snatched the 16kg 24 reps in a row without a hand switch. In fact the most reps I've probably ever done continuously with the 16kg, if I had to guess, would probably be 15, but that's just a guess.  12 for sure.

So, armed with the comp bell (smaller handle and different weight distribution) I knew what my goal for the morning would be.  1st set 24/24 in 2 minutes.  No faster, no slower.

I'm not going to say it was easy, but it was.  My left arm did feel the fatigue in the last couple of reps.  We took a 1 minute break, during which I decided that I could probably do it again!  No time like the present!  So, 1 min rest period later, we did another 2 minute set, 24/24.

Fine!  It was a total PR for me and I wasn't going to push it anymore.  We took all 1 minute rest periods and finished off the workout with 5 more sets of 24 reps per set.  Personally I did them 6/6/6/6.  Brenda finished her last two sets with the 16kg and Maribel, for only the second time, finished her last set with the 16kg.

16kg snatches
two 2 min sets/1 min rest (24/24)
five 1 min sets/1 min rest (6 R/ 6 L/ 6 R/ 6 L)

16 minutes, 216 snatch reps (9 minutes of snatching, 7 minutes rest)

So basically the first 5 minutes was almost the equivalent of the snatch test only 4 reps short (96), but with a full minute rest in between 2-3 minutes.


Diana said...

Once, I've done the 5 minutes straight with only 1 hand change, but that was last year some time-it's rough for sure, but a great challenge that I'm going to have to work up to again.
Will have to give it a try to see if I can pull off 24 reps w/16kg!
Merry Christmas Tracy to you and Mark and your family!
Have a wonderful holiday and thanks for all you share through out the year with us in regards to your training and "insights"!

Tracy Reifkind said...


one hand switch with the 12kg? Like any skill it's one you have to train, which means where are you willing to trade off?

This next year is going to be full of training trade offs for me, kind of exciting, kind of scary, but at the end of the day skill and strengths will improve and that's all good!

Have a great day, a great week, and I'v e got something planned for New Years Day, and, fingers crossed, all of 2013!

Thank you for all of your kind words and you great comments ;)