Friday, November 2, 2012

Gymboss Question

Here is a question I was asked via email.  I thought I should share my answer if anyone else is wondering the same thing....


"Do you set your gymboss for both the work and rest?  How do you do that in a group if not everyone finishes the reps?"


"I set my Gymboss for 30 sec intervals ONLY to count the intervals trained so I know when to stop!  If my Gymboss reads "30" then I know we have been training for 15 minutes.  I don't need to time work and rest separately.  If we are training intervals other than 30/30, say 45/15 I go by a big clock on the wall with a second hand so everybody can see when the next work set or rest set starts.

Since I lead, and pace, each one of my classes, 99% of the time everybody finishes at the same exact time.  If not, one or two reps difference is not a big deal at all.  And sometimes it's because a student started the work set late, or swings slower (usually because of a heavier bell).  It's not a big deal if they finish after the workset time, OR if they cut their set short by one or two reps.  It's all good!"

If you have a question that you would like answered it will more likely be seen, therefore addressed, if you post it as a comment here on my blog, or as a comment on my facebook fan page, The Swing,  I love getting emails, but I apologize for any that get missed and/or not responded to within a reasonable time frame.  I've been a terrible PA to myself, but it's something that I'm getting better at all the time.  Thank you for your understanding!


Hanneke said...

I love my gymboss. I have several but recently found out that they don't work in temperatures of 20F and below.
I use them for my running intervals too, winter started early here and even my garmin is going to give up sub zero
Uggh, another reason to move south!!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I just had two Gymboss's die on me!

Of course I'm freakin' out a bit....they are my secruity blanket!

Oh, and all kinds of reasons to move south! I'm spoiled with high quality problems!