Monday, November 5, 2012

It's really only 6:15pm

I have to say that today was an amazing day!

Yesterday was daylight savings time when we "Fall" back an hour.  Sounds good, right?  I didn't notice it at all until this morning.  First thing I did, in fact, was to get to sleep in!  So I decided to try going to 5:30am yoga to get it done first thing.  Since I get up at 4:00 (actually almost 5:00 today!) I got quite a few things done in the kitchen before I even left the house at 5:10am!

Blah, blah....  I got home by 7:15am, showered and ready to go!  No where to go at 7:00am!  Finished some kitchen work, straightened up around the house, cleaned myself up, put on some "civilian" clothes, hair, make up, went to the is rough, eh?

Finally....I've been talking about it BUT computer!  I got a new freakin' computer!  Am I on it now?  no....  But I'm back and forth, back and forth...

I've got all of my photos and favorite links here in this old computer, and bit by bit I'll transition to the new one.

As far as yoga goes.....

I went to a different studio this morning, actually my "old" original studio in San Jose.  I'll be writing more about what's really going on with me and my practice another time.  Right now I'm working it out!  It was nice seeing some familiar faces I haven't seen in a while....  In fact one woman asked me "What brings you down to this neck of the woods?"  My answer?  "Yoga!"

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Gracie said...

I work out by alternating Yoga and Kettlebell training, Yoga M-W_F, Kettlebells T-TH-S. It's the PERFECT combination of strength training and cardio!! (at least for ME)