Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Fave Five" Options!

Well, I did indeed change my "No Brainer Fave Five" last week.  Here is the change;

25 2 hand swings "OTM", instead of sets of 5 reps every 15 sec.
1 sw, 1 goblet sq x 5 reps (30/30)

repeat this "double set" 4-5 times before either moving up in weight, OR do as many "double sets"with a single weight as time or energy allows.  If you are into counting reps remember that every double set equals takes 2 minutes to complete and has 30 2 hd swing reps, and 5 goblet squat reps.  On Tuesday I did 5 double sets per rotation equalling 150 swing reps + 25 goblet squat reps x 2 rotations for a 20 minute workout (10 dble sets total).  I'm still not tired of the original "Fave Five", but this was a welcome (and easier!) break!

Basically I decided to do a set of 25 swing reps because at the top of "Fave Five" ladder was 5 sets of 5 reps (=25), but I did them with slightly less rest than equal work to rest.  I started each set of 25 on the minute which translates into about 37 sec work, 23 sec rest (1.25 part work to 1 part rest...apprx)  25 swing reps still allows you to swing a relatively heavy bell.  Even with a little less rest one set of 25 is not the same as 5 sets of 5 for sure! One set requires picking up and putting the bell down only once instead of 5 x!  That's the equivalent of 4 less power swings!

This morning I changed it up a bit, repeating each double set 4 times before changing bells or changing the goblet squat to a double cl/press.  My exact workout I will post tomorrow, or another time, but for now here are your options if you want to combine a goblet squat and clean press workout into one.

video above demonstrates 4 versions of double sets (starting at the 2nd rep of the first set of 25 swings)

25 2 swing reps (started on the minute)
5 sw/gblt sq
25 2 hd sw
1 cl/press R x 5 (long cycle)
25 2 hd sw
1 cl/press L x 5
25 2 hd sw
1 dble cl/pr x 5 reps

And then the video goes on and I demonstrate what I did this last week, which is typed in red above.

I find that a swing "catch" squat takes the same amount of time as a swing, clean, press, that's why those movements can be interchangeable in either version of "Fave Five".  Good to know if you need to practice both type of lifts within the same workout.

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