Saturday, June 30, 2012

Snatch-aholics...finally, a broken down version of last week's 100 rep sets, but just as tough!

Finally!  I don't know how many of you know how much time it takes to edit video, but it takes a lot of time!  If I tape a 30-40 minute video, that means I have to watch it numerous times to figure out where and how to break it down...not that very many people care!  And then I have to write the workout down!  At least when I teach a group I only have to shout out orders!  But here, on my blog, I include written routines.

How many people watch it or don't watch it, train along, or don't train along, is irrelevant to me, for me there is greater value to be able to evaluate my own training, see my form, remember the difficulty, or lack of, and archive it to advance my workouts.  I'm more than happy to share, and I do hope it inspires others to follow along.

If you don't video tape your own workouts, then you are missing a very important piece of information that will help you coach yourself, and potentially make important corrections.

"I go you go"  400 snatch rep workout

One of the reasons it took me so long to edit and post this workout is because it did not come out the way I wanted it to!  These workouts are hard!  And I can't just "re-tape" my training over and over!  These workouts are the real deal!  I can't knock out hundreds of reps every single day until I get a video "just right"!  The mistake I made here in this workout (to help followers) is that I let my training partners "go first" in an "I go, you go" workout, and for the purpose of watching and training along it would have been best for me to start the routine first, and then coach from that point.  Also, I realize now that having one or both of them on camera with me would be the best....and that's why this mornings workout includes the two of them (oh, wait until you see today's workout!)

The other thing that would help is to count my training partners reps, and for them to count mine.  But seriously, if you are working at this level you should be advanced enough to figure it out... That being said here it is.  Keep in mind that in this first video I start with my first 5 sets after my partners did theirs.  It takes me a few sets to realize that counting their reps is helpful, and having them count mine is also helpful....whew...ok, here it is....

"I go, you go" 

1 sn, 1 tr x 20 x 5 sets (I did my first 4 sets with the 14kg, and my last set with the 16kg)

10/10 x 5 sets (I continued the rest of the workout with the 16kg, and if you are watching the video you will see my hands deteriorate as the workout progresses...ouch)

5/5 x 2 x 5 sets  (you might see me check my hands to see if the tears are bleeding yet...yikes...freakin' 16kg!)

2/2 snatch ladder (this rotation is really why I taped this workout because there is no way to time it using a traditional clock or timer.  It has to be done with a partner.)

2/2 x 1
2/2 x 2
2/2 x 3
2/2 x 4
2/2 x 5
2/2 x 4
2/2 x 3
2/2 x 2
2/2 x 1

I'll be posting a couple more "I go, you go" workouts so if you are interested in this kind of training start practicing!


Diana said...

I like this breakdown, you get some what of a break when your partner is doing there "work"....makes doing this with a heavier bell a "smidge" easier!
That 16kg definitely rips up my hands, I usually wear my cycling gloves for high reps with it.
I'll have to give this one a try! I like the ladder at the end!

Tracy Reifkind said...


This version is definitely a keeper for anyone wanting to build up to last weeks sets of 100. Can you imagine doing 5 sets of 100 w/16kg? I've done 3 sets of 100, and plenty of high rep workouts with the 16kg, but never 5 sets of 100, and never in that short of a time.

So you can see how someone just starting out could use this workout with their "training weight", or Max Vo2 size bell to build strength and cardio endurance and use 5 sets of 100 as a testing/training "goal" (which it should be for us with a heavier bell)

For the first time ever my hands never fully recovered! I reopened my right palm on Thursay and had to tape up yesterday (Sat), but my my 3rd class I had to abandon all snatching...good thing I taped a killer snatch workout first!

You'll like this next "I go, you go" swing/snatch ladder and I taped the whole workout with both of my training partners.

Diana said...

Doing that 5 sets of 100 was a great session...I was pleased that I was able to get them all (except #1) done with plenty of time to rest. I'll have to try it with the 14kg, at least the handle on the 14kg is smaller than the 16kg-I really like going "naked" with the 16kg, so will take some time to master that! I almost always now have my hands protected with either socks or gloves, but with the 16kg being so thick, I prefer bare skin!
OMG...reading this back, I'm not sure, this may be the next chapter of "Fifty Shades of Grey!" LOL

No joke when it comes to taking care of your hands with this high rep stuff....

"I go-you go" swing/snatch ladder....looking forward to it!

Tracy Reifkind said...


The handle of the 16kg is too thick to add more bulk and because of that I rarely do continuous high reps with it. The "girly" handled 16kg isn't any better. It's not the size of the handle, it's the weight of the bell combined with speed and total rep count. I'm good for the first 200 reps, after that no way.

Taping is really the best protection, but the tape can bunch up and that sucks too!

Candice said...

tracy, have you experienced any shoulder injuries with high volume snatching?

Tracy Reifkind said...


No and yes! No when I train smart and don't get lazy. I've never injured myself until about 4 months ago, and that was one of the reasons that lead me to post about my Clubbell workouts.

Mark and I used to train together every Tuesday morning ending with arm casts and shield casts done with CB's. Once we moved into our new location we didn't have time to train anymore and I never fit CB's back into my training rotation.

A few months ago in my third class on a SAt. morning, which is my second Advanced level class (lots of snatches!) I got lazy (and tired) and let my shoulder come disconnected from my body trying to protect my hands and tweaked my shoulder.

I've been working on it since, and only a few weeks ago reintroduced CB's again.....I noticed great relief soon afterwards. I knew it had to be the CB's because that was the only thing that had changed.

So the answer is no when I train snatches properly, and yes when I don't!

Maribel said...

I'm in a Tracy life is complete.

Marie said...

Wow! I just completed this workout! Crazy good!!! Thank you!!!