Sunday, June 24, 2012

Snatch-aholics version #2 100 rep snatch sets

Here is the intro to version 2 of last weeks Snatch-aholics 100 rep set workout.  It's actually not 100 reps at a time, it's 20 reps at a time "I go, you go" style.  It's going to take me a good time to edit the workout down from the 35 minute version, but it's coming.

All of the combinations are the same with the exception of the 25/25.  I chose not to do that one because #1 I knew this workout was going to take longer, and technically it's done at "equal work/rest" intervals, depending on how fast your partner snatches!  And #2 I knew I was going to train it with the 16kg, which wouldn't necessarily affect the workout except that even though I feel completely recovered, and on a scale of 1-10 it really wasn't "difficult" (I give it a 6-7), it was still intense.  This one done with a heavier bell, much heavier, is a different kind of intensity and I'll save the 5th set for another rush, I still have got to get back in the gym on Tuesday!

The only thing that tears up my hands is snatching fast.  Combine the the thick handle of the 16kg with fast snatches and it's a recipe for some torn up hands. (ususally it happens after about 150+ snatch reps)  I knew the danger going into the workout, and should have taped my hands before...lazy.  I didn't use my sock sleeves when I train with the bigger handled bells because of the added bulk, although I do own various thicknesses of sock sleeves.  I'll be writing more about this, but in the mean time if you are not familiar with what I use for my hands and how I came up with my own solution, here is the link to the original blog post from a few years back (yikes, maybe 5 years now?)


Anne said...

SO excited to get back training and tackle this workout!!! :) Love Love Love seeing your workouts pop up in my reader for a dose of pre-workout inspiration.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Hi Anne,

After doing this workout with the 16kg I can't imagine using that weight for an entire RKC weekend...not that I couldn't do it, I just wouldn't want to!

much respect!

Hanneke said...

I did last weeks snatch workout and did not get past 300 reps again. For some reason that is the amount when my hands start to break real bad.
Endurance wise I know I can easily go way beyond that but my hands just won't let me. Sock sleeves and all....
Very frustrating!!! :(

Tracy Reifkind said...

Hanneke, you've got to tape them! Mark should have a post about taping your hands. since Mark's background is in gymnastics (you can imagine what kind of beatings gymnasts hands go through) he introduced taping to RKC in Sept 2008 (I was there assisting and taping many, many hands!), ans since then his training partner came up with a way to tape them yourself. If he doesn't have video, we'll make one (again). But I do believe another RKC did an instructional video after that RKC.

But, there have been many many times my hands have given out way before my strength and endurance. In fact that's how I tweaked my shoulder and thank goodness clubbell training is coming to the rescue.