Monday, June 18, 2012

Snatch-aholics....Bring it!

Here is the email I sent out to my two training partners the night before:
"I thought I'd warn you about the workout in the morning.

Five 100 rep snatch sets 

1 rep x 100
2 rep x 50
5 reps x 20
10 reps x10
25 reps x 4 (or as many as you can do without a hand switch)

Not necessarily in this order by the way.  Probably #1, #5, #2, #3, #4...or any order you want to do them.  After a short warm up we will start each set every 7 minutes.  That means you have 7 minutes for work and rest.  For all, except the single rep set, this means that if you snatch at a 10 rep per 30 sec interval it will take 5 minutes to complete each set.  The single rep set will be the longest because it also has 100 transfer swings!

The speed and weight is up to you.  You can switch up either at any time."

How it actually went down?

Single reps, 1 snatch and 1 tr x 100.  5 min, 23 sec.

45/45, 20/10 = 120 freakin snatches!  I totally lost count and thought I had snatched 35 reps before I had to switch.  If I would have known I made it to 45 I would have absolutely continued on to 50 because it would not have been that difficult.  But thinking I was only at 35, 15 more reps without a switch would have been a grind and there was no need to grind anything out, I had 3 more sets of 100 to do.  So, thinking I had completed 35/35 = 70 I thought I had 40 more snatches to do...again, brain dead!  Even if I did only complete 35/35 I only needed 15 per side...but miscalculating I did 20 R, when I realized after my two training partners finshed long before me that something was amiss...I took a chance and did only 10 more on my L knowing I had video to review what really happened! (I know, long story!) 3 min 20 sec I was done with 100 reps, 4 min 8 sec 120 reps.

2 x 50  This felt like a breeze.  Love swings and although 100 sn/100 sw is a long set, 100 sn/50 swings was the most fun I had that day!  In fact I was feeling so good I decided to increase my bell weight to the 14kg.  4 min 25 sec

10 x 10 w/14kg  Whew!  Now that was a test!  I don't think I've ever tested 100 snatch reps with the 14 before?  I love that feeling of being challenged but not trashed! 3 min 36 sec respectively.

5 x 20 w/14kg  Hated this set and glad I did it at the same time!  (update...recounting this set I realized I put the bell down at 90 reps! boo hoo!  But I did do an extra 20 in the second set!) 3 min 23 sec, 90 reps...another 20-25 sec I could have done the extra 10.

I've done this workout before, but by myself after a swing class to get as many snatches down in the shortest amount of time possible!  BUT I started 25 reps x 4, then down to 10 reps x 10, 5 reps x 20 and 2 reps x this time I knew singles were going to take the longest and to be honest, after 45 minutes of swings, and 400 snatches down, the thought af another 100 snatches AND swings was too much for me...that day, I stuck with 10's for my last set to 500!

So this time, even though this was my first training of the day and I was fresh, my own personal plan was to still start with my single reps first because I knew it had the most amount of reps total (200).  Next I would try and snatch as many reps as possible without a hand switch. So for instance if I snatched 30 first, I would have to repeat 30 on the opposite side leaving me with 40 more reps to equal my 100, splitting between R/L 20 more reps each. (or 25 x 4).  Third...hmmm...well from experience 5's are next when it comes to torture! For some reason 5's seem to take twice as long in time and effort that 10's even though technically there are only 10 more reps (transfer swings).  To me 5's are worse that 2's!  But I mean that in a good way, of course!

Now on to swings....but wait there was more!

I repeated most of this workout an hour later in my third class for another 400 snatch reps.  If you are not training at this level yet, heck, even if you are, I have another version that will help get you here, or just another fun way to snatch 100's of reps.  I'll video tape it tomorrow and post it this week.  In this other version I break each snatch combination into sets of'll see!  (It took us about 45 min)

900 snatches, (720 w/12kg, 190 w/14kg with "official miscounts)

PS if you are having difficulty watching the last video you can view it on Youtube


Russ Moon said...

You are bringing this so intensely I am witnessing some type of breakthrough or revolution.

Diana said...

There is seriously something wrong with your mind!
AND.....I love it! I can't wait to give this sucker a try.
This is for sure a "snatch-aholics" dream!

Tracy Reifkind said...


You are going to dig it! I'm going to tape another version of this on Saturday, but using a heavier bell.

Diana said...

This was great! In a sick sort of a way...LOL!

My review is on my blog...

Tracy Reifkind said...


Awesome! I encourage everybody to read Diana's stuff!

Roland said...

You really should do kettlebell sport ONCE. 10 minutes of snatch should be cake for you.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I've tried kb sport plenty of times, it's really something that I would love to train but I don't want to give up my other training.

Of course I've never done it with "competition" weight when I can't even come close with a much lighter weight! It's the "only one hand switch" that gets me!

I started training the 10 min single short cycle jerk and managed to complete the one hand switch and last the entire 10 minutes with the 8kg, but boy did my form break down tragically...not aware until I looked at the video! Since I believe in progressive training I would have to be successful may times with lighter bells before attempting "real" weights.

I have a complete respect for the sport and the athletes that compete at it!

Roland said...

Yeah, that single hand switch is awful with the snatch. My hands are not up to it, yet.

Galya is training for the Jerk in competition and I've done a comp once with the double Long Cycle. At this point, it's been baby weights for me, but I'm glad I did it!

It was very humbling to see my friend do more reps with two 24s than I did with two 16s, but now I have a starting point!