Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Ten" for all you Snatchaholics!

You all know how few snatch workouts I post and the reason is the same as why I don't teach the snatch until my students put in the "groundwork", the "foundation" training which is?  The swing of course!  The snatch is just a big ole swing....with alot more technique!  If you don't have the foundation, the support, of the swing you cannot expect to build the "roof of the swing"...the snatch.

This blogpost is not about how to learn the snatch, although that may come someday, it's a basic workout, some may call it boring!  But it's the boring stuff that athletes are made of! At least that's what I think!

Only two sets alternated as many times as you can stand!  A few weeks ago I posted a snatch workout that I did when I had a very short amount of time but wanted to get in as many reps as I could, without practicing Max, or a Max based workout.  I chose to snatch 10/10 (R/L) starting every work set "on the minute".  It took about 40 seconds to snatch 20 reps (10/10) leaving me with 20 seconds rest.  Two to one work/rest ratio.  Here I use it again, but alternate with a slower and longer paced set with the same amount of reps.  I loved it!  So much so that I already have the two variations I will be practicing the rest of next week.  Go ahead and train it and I'll lead you through the other two!'s similar to the "Ten" swing workout I just posted....gee, funny how that works out, lol!

workset #1

10/10 paced inside of 1 min.  30 sec rest

workset #2

10/10 fast paced, work and rest inside of 1 minute. (40 sec/20 sec)

It takes 2.5 minutes to complete both sets.  Alternate both sets as many times as you want, or need, the workout to last.  80 snatch reps per 5 minutes.  In this workout I prescribe alternating these two sets 10 times each = 25 minutes 400 snatches. Wow!  A quick workout huh?

30 min = 11 sets each, 480 sn
35 min = 12 sets each, 560 sn
40 min = 13 sets each, 640 sn

just sayin'


Marie said...

I love doing snatch workouts! Thank you!

Marsha said...

Thank you Tracy,
This was a big help. I am just getting comfortable with my snatch's and now I have some new training to look forward to .
I am having so much fun with these bells !

Diana said...

Kind of did this the other day....10L/10R x 50 sets for 1,000 reps.
30 second rest between each 20 reps and 1 minute rest between each set of 100.
This has always been my favorite....

Let me know when "The Snatch", volume 1 comes out!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Join the club! Hey...we need to start a club!

Tracy Reifkind said...


"I am having so much fun with these bells !"

You are just a fun person!

Tracy Reifkind said...


gotta love the boring stuff! But I really liked interjecting faster/slower sets.

when I post the other two versions I will also be talking about the effects and/or differences of how to use pacing.

guy said...

BossLady, I used to love VWC (my German and Scandinavian ancestry but I have learned to love the Swing alot! MY practice routines are Tue/Thurs/Sat TracyStyle Swing Practice, Mon C&Mp ladders, Fri Pullup or Chin Ladders. I like strength training days, but I look forward to TracyStyle Swing Practice days!
I am re-reading "The Swing" it is great and my wife is now considering cooking with onions, after I read sections to her...Miracle! I still would like an advanced Pwr Sw practice post from you in future (nudge, nudge, know what I mean, nudge, nudge lol)no pressure or anything. :)

Nadine said...

Awesome! I am starting the 5000 snatches in 5 weeks challenge this week...this routine will be a staple in the weeks to come :)


Tracy Reifkind said...


Power swings....yup you just have to remind me! I guess it's time, although you've been training with me long enough you should be able to design one yourself, lol!

I'm going to write some more about the swing is the foundation to kettlebell movements (the hinge) onions are the foundation of practically every savory dish/meal we well as a "super food"!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Super, then you will like the next two...of course you know you can do as many "rotations" as you want to, or have time to.

You should check out my "Hungarioan Hundred" Snatch routine (I think I posted it). It was when I was in Hungary and my hands were too chewed up to snatch fast, so I used two snatch combinations, one was 10/10 and another was a snatch ladder of 30 (50 reps per rotation!) that helped me bang out 1000 snatches in 50 minutes.

Nadine said...

thx Tracy,
I've done that, and it rocks :)
I'm looking forward to the next two "ten" rotations. I did this one today and did 10 rotations. The time flew!!