Friday, March 23, 2012

What's all the excitement about?

I get so excited about what I do because it makes me feel good.  My training makes me feel good, and training with others by teaching and leading my classes, makes me feel good.  We all probably do some of the things we love more than we "need" to, because we feel good about ourselves when we do.  And isn't feeling good about ourselves the point?

It might be easy for me to say "Why doesn't everybody do it?"  (swing)  But I already know the answer.  It doesn't feel good to everybody else the way it feels good to me. (yet!)  I know that because it didn't always make me feel good!  I did not like having to do it when I started!  I did it begrudgingly and privately.  I did not want Mark to train me or coach me, I wanted to be left alone, by myself, in the garage to do this "silly" looking exercise.  I only did it because I knew I had to do something.

I was going to lose 100lbs, that I knew.  I also knew if I did not add in some weight resistance exercise I would be, well, I would not look as pretty as I wanted to.  Flat out, vanity.   Looking "pretty" is relative, it's about feeling pretty and if you don't like what you see in the mirror you don't feel pretty.

So I continued...but only because I didn't want to go to the gym!  I knew what I'd be getting, or not be getting, at the gym because  I had "been there, done that!", and I certainly didn't want to do it again.  In fact that's why I kept giving the kettlebell swing a chance!  A chance for what?  I didn't know, but it was better than the gym, and it was better than nothing.

Long story huh?

My point is that I now know more than I did before.  I know that training the swing can make visible changes and fast.  For me this training made visible changes I had never had before, ever.  I know that these visible physical changes motivated me to want more of the same.  I know that the more I got the more I wanted to keep!  And I know I'm not giving what I back what I got, and I don't have to.

But I also understand not everybody is where I'm at because I wasn't always here.  We all find our own way.  Many times it finds us through hearing the stories and experiences of others, and then sometimes it finds us in our own garage!  I can't do it for other people, I only I know what I know, and I feel what I feel, and that's exciting!


Beth said...

Wow, this post spoke to me so deeply, Tracy. I know exactly what you mean.

JenG said...

I train in my garage, in my jeans. :) I have lost 28 pounds since recommitting in January and I am completely and thoroughly addicted to my kb's again!! YAY!
It is exciting!
I may...may buy a 45# kb today. May. LOL.

JenG said...
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Tracy Reifkind said...


Thank you for your support! I had to edit this post down by about 50% lol!

Tracy Reifkind said...

JenG....I've got to start training in my jeans again!

Diana said...

Being able to wear jeans and be barefoot for a workout makes it that much more special.....
Throw in some disco in the background and it's a party! :)