Monday, April 2, 2012

Seasonal Snob...not!

I know it may seem difficult to not get caught up in all of the "PC" food snobbery that is going around these days, and personally I've been guilty of spreading a little myself over the past few years.  I started buying into all of the labels, "organic", "seasonal", "grass fed", "pasture raised", "vegan", etc....and all of that stuff is fine, but not if it paralyzes you.  I have since been better about dropping the labels of the foods I use.  I don't have to preface the ingredients I use in my foods because anyone knows me knows that I eat "clean"(...oops...sorry!).  Do I have to constantly remind anyone?

I just wanted to remind myself that although I haven't bought a tomato, nor eaten one since Oct, or a strawberry since Sept. (the end of the seasons) there are plenty of non seasonal foods I buy and eat when it sounds tasty or is convenient.  Goodness knows when onion, cabbage and spinach is officially in season but I eat it all year round...isn't it onion and cabbage and spinach season all year? (staples in my diet)  Hey if you like to eat tomatoes and strawberries in winter time, knock yourself out!

Although I am not strict about buying and eating seasonal, I do however take advantage of fruits and veg that are only available when in season!  Fall and Winter fruits like figs and persimmons, or Delicata and Ambercup squashes. I can't get enough of Spring garlic or asparagus when it's finally is here...and what about those Cherimoya's, apricots and cherries in June, July and August?!

At the end of the day I buy what looks good and I have the energy to prepare and cook!  Some of us feel guilty enough about other things in our lives we don't need to be made to feel guilty about our food choices!


Hanneke said...

Count yourself luck that you live in california.

I've had discussions before with people about eating only seasonal. That is a great thing if you live somewhere where there is a long growing season. Here it is about 12 weeks in Northern Canada. Thank God for food from warmer areas! If not I would probably eat only cabbage and carrots, not that there is anything wrong with that but I love all the variety in the grocery store and I"m taking full advantage of it.

Tracy Reifkind said...


True, I forget how lucky and spoiled I am to live in CA! Funny but true, I didn't ever buy winter squash until I went and stayed with my BFF Fawn during an Oct in St Paul....what was winter squash? Well, it was the only thing in the farmers' market, that's what! In the winter time you barely notice it here in CA, lol!

Take advantage! Although I do have to draw the line at red bell peppers shipped her from Holland! But's that's me.

Rebecca said...

Yeah, what is up with the red peppers from Holland?!

Tracy Reifkind said...


The first time I was totally turned off to Trader Joe's was when I read the label of a pkg of red bell peppers (the "package" should have turned me off in the first place, lol!) but it listed the country of origin as freakin' Holland!

Holland! Half way around the world! Never bought another red bell there again, even though they come from Mexico now...only on country away.

From that point on I have been turned off to TJ's in general, but as I've posted before I do in fact have a "list" of staples I buy there, like nuts...and um...hmmnn...less and less all the time. Oh yes, red wine! lol

Hanneke said...

What's wrong with Holland, I'm from Holland and shipped over seas!! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Good to read some common sense again.
I usually shop online as I work long hours and train hard, but today I am on holiday so I paid a rare visit to the supermarket. Despite a busy lifestyle I do like to cook from scratch, it's one of my principles, so was delighted to find a whole shelf of recently reduced veg. In principle I should have looked at labels - but the thought of a lovely salad over rode. Sadly those around me were less keen, choosing the pre-prepared, chopped and washed. Oh well, all the more for me!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I would love to travel and visit Holland someday soon! Will I be eating red bell peppers there? Are they part of the cuisine? Or do they just grow them for import?

Tracy Reifkind said...


I have to say that I always go through the "sale" veggies at one of my local markets...not the meat though, lol!

But in the true spirit of this blog post, at least the ones buying pre washed and packaged salad were still choosing to eat a salad!