Monday, March 26, 2012

Calling all Kettlebell Athletes in the St. Paul Area!

Practically every year I get to travel to St Paul with Mark for some sort of RKC or Dragon door event and of course I have to train while I'm there.  Lucky me my BFF Fawn Friday let's me try and take a piece out of her "kettlebellers"!  Each year the group grows bigger and bigger and last time we had probably over 20 kettlebell athletes all swinging in unison at the Athlete Lab in Little Canada.

This year is only different because I'm having an informal book signing at the same time...well, after the swings of course!

I'm also going to be hosted by Linda Mertens RKC for a similar event in Plymouth on Friday morning at  Linda came to the Bay Area last year and after swinging with me and my "kettlebellers" let me drag her around the next day to a local track at 6:00am to walk with me, and a 1 hour Iyengar yoga class.  Here is Linda's facebook link with more information if you are in the area and would like to attend:

Here is the information about Saturday mornings swing class and book signing event hosted by Fawn Friday

Class will be at The Athlete Lab in Little Canada on Saturday April 14 at 9:15am. Cost will be $25. 
Tracy will post a Pay Pal link on her blog or website. Space is limited to about 30 people. Registration will be payment via pay pal. 

If you have any questions please feel free to comment, or get in touch with either Fawn or Linda directly.


Diana said...

Wish I would have known of this earlier. I seen in on Linda's FB page but even that was too late for me to make plans! I will, one of these days, get to one of your classes in SP yet!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Hey, just ride your bike on down! Or run half way and ride the rest...I'm sure there may even be a lake for you to swim across on the way, LOL!

Next time!

Diana said...

Hmmm, there is a bike trail that goes across the state of WI to MN!!


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