Thursday, March 15, 2012

Before the Crack 'O Dawn....Soup's On!

Before I get into my workout I want to share what I did before my workout, before the crack o dawn!  I get up at 4:00am, and with daylight savings stealing an hour away from us last weekend, it's taken a little getting used to getting up at 3:00am!  Anyway, nowadays my training starts at 5:30am, in my garage gym, with a special client/training partner for 30 minutes, giving me only about 90 minutes to get my act together!  I didn't have time to roast my chickens but I did have time to get a batch of farro in my 4 qt PC and a big batch of blackeyed pea, lentil and sausage soup with cabbage in my 8 qt PC. The farro actually took 10 minutes longer to cook!  But the soup did have veg prep that took about 10-15 min. so they were both done around the same time?  About 45 minutes.

I posted on facebook this idea of a "mono diet".  A diet where you eat only one meal, all day long! I came up with this idea a few months ago because at the time I had three favorite meals that I ate everyday.  Each one I loved so much that I just couldn't seem to get enough of either one of them!  (all healthy of course!)  I thought that maybe if I ate 3-4 meals the same, switching them each day that maybe I'd grow out of my love for them and find something else!

Back to my soup....  I love my soup!  (I think it's the homemade stock)  I heated up a nice size bowl of it for lunch...and then another!  2 hours later I thought, you know what?  I think I'll have another bowl of soup!  So I did!  Now, at this point, with one meal left for the night...what should I have?  Well, it wouldn't kill me to have another bowl for sure, but is that weird?

To give you an idea of how yummy this soup is, I also have two of my other absolute favorite meals at the ready.... I think I'll save those for tomorrow!  Soup's on!

PS I'd include a picture, but you all have seen a bowl of soup before!


Tracy said...

I feel this way about the Roasted Cauliflower and Curry Soup! I could eat it and only it and be perfectly happy! I'm still trying to remember what the heck Farro is! :)Bring on the soup!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Farro is hard to find and expensive! It's the only other grain I love to eat with pnb next to the 6 grain mix I get at the Japanese market. The only brand I've found is at whole foods, "Bartolini" Umbrian Farro (semi pearled)

I also love it in my homemade tomato soup. You gotta be careful with the serving though. 170 calories per 1/2 c cooked, similar to all grains...not a big serving!

Hanneke said...

I have a minestrone soup that I love and can eat all day every day. Actually I tweaked it so much that it's really not minestrone soup anymore, more something like a thick soup chuck full of veggies and spices. If one batch is gone I make a new one. It love it and for me it helps to know that it's always there if I want it or when I'm hungry. Good and good for me!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I was serious when I said that soup was underrated.

I would almost put money on the fact that most overweight people do not eat soup on a regular basis.